What Are the Best Flowers for Every Occasion?

Are there flowers for every occasion? The short answer is yes, but you shouldn’t just use the same blooms for any special event. While online research is a good option to know the appropriate choice of flowers, you should still consult a florist in Singapore to be sure that you’re making the right decision.

If you’re planning to buy Christmas flowers, a live poinsettia is a popular choice to bring out the festive mood. There are different colors of poinsettia although the most popular colors are green with red, red, white and yellow. Mistletoes are staple choices for holiday plants too, as people believe that those who passed underneath it must share a kiss based on an ancient Norse myth.

Other Popular Flowers for the Holidays

Winter jasmine, amaryllis and iris are some of the other alternative flowers for Christmas. You can combine several of these varieties to create a bouquet or wreath. You can add some greenery to make it unique. Popular Christmas flowers and plants complement the tree, of course. Those who want to use a live Christmas tree this year should know how to choose the right pre-cut variants.

Check for pests and insects when buying pine or fir trees, as well as damages like broken twigs or branches. You can determine the quality of a pre-cut tree by gently tugging a branch. It should be strong enough to break off into two. Otherwise, it can’t be used to hold heavy or large ornaments. The tree’s needles should be flexible too. The price of Christmas trees will depend on the size, height and color.


Flora Moments Christmas Flower

How to Care for Christmas Flowers

It’s possible to raise Christmas flowers in a miniature garden or pot. For instance, the Christmas cactus is a beautiful holiday plant that can last for several years. You can plant one on a flower pot and see it grow to have red blooms. You should place the pot in a bright window and water it whenever dry. Avoid letting water sit in the plant, or else the pads can get soft because of too much moisture.

Rosemary may not be a flower, but it’s a plant that resembles the shape of a pine tree. Imagine a small pyramid-shaped tree in a small pot. If your apartment is too small for a normal Christmas tree, you can decorate a rosemary plant instead. You should place the pot in a bright window, although the ideal location should be facing south or west. If you notice a lot of fallen leaves, the plant may not be getting enough sunlight. You should also check the pot every two days to maintain even moisture.


Flora Moments Flower for Birthdays

Flowers for Birthdays

Daisies are among the common choices for birthday bouquets. The flower symbolizes modesty and innocence. If you plan to deliver pink carnations, the flowers commonly indicate gratitude from the sender to the recipient. A bouquet of white carnations means that someone is remembering you or a special event that you shared together.

Red chrysanthemums mean sharing, which could be love or a sweet experience. When you give scorpion grasses, you’re asking the person to remember you forever. The flowers are more commonly known as forget-me-nots, hence the meaning behind the gesture. Gardenias and geraniums mean joy and comfort, while jasmines symbolize elegance and grace.


Flora Moments blooms for valentines

Blooms for Valentine’s Day

It’s obvious that roses are the most popular flower for Valentine’s Day, but did you know that each color denotes a specific meaning? We all know red roses represent love, while yellow roses signify friendship. If you admire someone, a pink rose is the perfect choice. White roses symbolize innocence and purity. You can also give a bouquet of white carnations to express your chaste love.

There are black roses too, but you may want to avoid using them as a present. Black roses indicate death whether literally or figuratively. They can also mean revenge and mourning, which goes against the theme of Valentine’s Day! If you’d like to personalize your flowers for Feb. 14, then choose tropical varieties that will suit the weather in Singapore. It’s not practical to deliver peonies as they wither easily in humid temperatures.


Flora Moments Wedding Florals

Wedding Florals

There’s really no best choice of florals for weddings since it’s up to you to decide what you want for the big day. Some people want to be traditional and use roses for bouquets and table centerpieces, while others may choose non-traditional blooms like baby’s breath to save money. Garden roses and peonies are perennial picks. The popular color schemes often involve gold and silver, black and white (the bride and groom’s outfit colors), and purple and lime.


Funerals and Offering Sympathies

You can’t just send flowers to the family of a deceased person without asking for their permission. Some families may prefer a charitable donation instead of spending the money on flowers. If you like to do both, you should be aware of certain etiquette to avoid a social faux pas. Don’t give wreaths and sprays unless you are a member of the immediate family.

Don’t include accessories such as balloons. This is quite obvious, yet it still happens. It may be inappropriate to send roses if you aren’t close to the family. White florals will be a safe choice as they indicate peace.


What’s your favorite flower for every occasion? At Flora Moments, we make sure that each customer gets the appropriate bloom for a memorable event. Best of all, you can order flowers by shopping on our website. You also don’t need to step out of your house, as we will send the blooms to your home or deliver it as a gift to your preferred destination. Contact us today and know more about our best-selling products and services.


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