What Are the Best Flowers for People with Allergies?

You may want to check if a bouquet of flowers will trigger an allergic reaction for the recipient. If you’re looking for a florist Singapore has many shops where you can ask a professional about the right kind for allergic people. In Tanjong Pagar Plaza, Flora Moments is your best choice for different kinds of flowers, especially for people with allergic rhinitis.

Roses and lilies are some of the best choices for allergy sufferers because they don’t have pollen, which can be scattered by wind and cause an allergic reaction. Lilac and jasmine may not cause allergies, but their highly fragrant smell can cause headaches and nausea.

Here are other types of flowers that are good choices for allergic people:

Flora Moments Azaleas Need Insects for Pollination

Azaleas Need Insects for Pollination

Azaleas don’t release pollen into the wind as they need insects to do that. However, you may want to stick to a bouquet of roses even if azaleas don’t trigger allergies. Azaleas are poisonous including their pollen. Some people may confuse azaleas with rhododendrons because of the similarities, but there are subtle differences between the two flowers.

Rhododendrons have 10 stamens, which are the thin stems that stick out of a flower, while an Azalea only has five stamens. Azaleas are smaller shrubs than rhododendrons that also have larger leaves.


Flora Moments Begonias and Bougainvilleas

Begonias and Bougainvilleas

All types of begonias don’t normally induce allergies because these flowers don’t shed a lot of pollen. Bougainvilleas also don’t produce a lot of pollen. The flowers are the tiny and tubular things inside the colorful leaves, which are often mistaken as flowers because of the colorful appearance.


Flora Moments Cactus Has Flowers Too

Cactus Has Flowers Too

This one is surprising since most of us imagine a cactus with sharp, pointy needles sticking from the plant. Like azaleas, a cactus requires insects for pollination or cross-pollination from other cacti. If you’re giving this as a gift, make sure to choose one that doesn’t have spines for safety reasons.


Flora Moments Camellias Are Dioecious

Camellias Are Dioecious

Dioecious refers to flowers that have male and female reproductive organs. By having the same organs in the same flower, their pollen doesn’t have to be dispersed too far away. Gardeners and hobbyists have cultivated camellias for over 1,000 years, partly because of their similarity with peonies in terms of appearance.

Since camellias look like peonies, they are a perfect gift for sick people. You can give them along with encouraging messages and positive words written on a card.


Flora Moments Columbine Also Needs Insects

Columbine Also Needs Insects

Columbines have stamens that resemble a brush. The flower may seem like it would scatter pollen because of the exposed stamens, but they also need bees and other insects for pollination. Be careful not to ingest it, though, as columbines can cause vomiting and diarrhea.


Flora Moments Some Types of Geraniums Are Pollen-Free

Some Types of Geraniums Are Pollen-Free

Scientists have developed geraniums that have no pollen, but they aren’t available yet for public use. Still, you can send a bouquet of geraniums as a gift since the flowers produce little pollen. You may want to exclude the leaves because some people may experience skin irritation. Add some words of encouragement in a handwritten card when planning to send flowers as a get-well-soon gift.


Flora Moments Hibiscus Are Safe Despite Producing Heavy Pollen

Hibiscus Are Safe Despite Producing Heavy Pollen

By now, you might think that flowers with little to no pollen are safe for people with allergies. Hibiscus goes against that concept. Despite having heavy pollen production, the flowers don’t disperse them into the wind. If you are fond of hibiscus tea, you should stop drinking it when you experience hay fever. The flowers can contain the pollen, which can trigger an allergic reaction.


Flora Moments Be Careful With Lilies

Be Careful With Lilies

If you’re really persistent in giving lilies, the flowers must have no stamens and anthers that have a lot of pollen. The yellow substance can also stain clothes and fingers, which isn’t an ideal way to make a good first impression. Even if they don’t leave any stains, some people can experience irritated skin because of the stems.


Flora Moments Orchids Usually Don’t Trigger Adverse Reactions

Orchids Usually Don’t Trigger Adverse Reactions

People who are very sensitive to orchids may experience an adverse reaction when in contact with the flowers. Otherwise, indoor orchids are very easy to grow unlike what people think. Most types of orchids need to grow on rough bark, stone and other objects so similar conditions are necessary for their flourishment.


Flora Moments Roses Are Probably the Best Choice

Roses Are Probably the Best Choice

Roses are popular choices not only because of their status as a symbol of love, but they also don’t have allergens despite having airborne pollen. A rose with denser petals is less likely to disperse pollen than single roses. Wild roses seem to be the most likely to contain allergens. You can try to raise roses in plant pots and small containers at home, especially if you don’t have space for a garden.


The three types of roses that thrive on pots are the following:

1. Ground cover roses

This variant doesn’t need a lot of space and only stay low without needing to climb on other objects. You can use ground-cover roses to border a bigger plant pot.

2. Miniature roses

As the name suggests, miniature roses have been raised to reach a small size and they fit in well as an indoor plant.

3. Patio roses

Those who like a bigger rose than the miniature kind should consider the patio variant. Patio roses are smaller than standard roses that cultivated to a smaller scale yet still bigger than miniature roses.


Don’t make the mistake of sending flowers without knowing the recipient’s susceptibility to allergies. While asking them is the best way to avoid choosing the wrong florals, you can also consult a florist to learn more about the different varieties for people with allergies. Visit our website today to find out about our wide range of products and services. You can also drop by our shop in Tanjong Pagar Plaza to see our fresh blooms in person.


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