16 Best Valentine’s Day Flower from $58 Free Delivery

16 Best Valentine’s Day Flower from $58 Free Delivery
16 Best Valentine’s Day Flower from $58 Free Delivery

With only 4 weeks away from Valentine’s Day, it is a good idea to start looking for a Valentine’s Day Flower to give to your significant other while it is still early. In this article, we will guide you on how to choose the perfect Valentine’s Day Flower, and provide you with recommended bouquets for as low as $58.

A Guide On Choosing Flower Bouquets For Valentines Day

In this section, we will guide you on how to choose flowers, the suitable flowers to gift, and other things you should know when gifting flowers.

Be sure that flowers you will give are fresh

If possible, try buying from a physical store so that you will be able to inspect and guarantee the freshness of the flower you are buying. However, if you have no other choice but to purchase online, be sure that you are buying from a reputable seller. Check their Google business page to see if they have high reviews and check out what people are saying. When buying a flower personally, you can check the freshness of the flower by touching the part in which petals meets the stem of the flower. A fresh flower will be firm to the touch.

Try other colors and flowers other than red roses

Red is the most frequently bought flowers on valentine’s day, with red roses being the top seller. This is for good reason, since red is the color of love, and rose symbolizes passion and romance. However, if you are giving rose to your significant other each year, it can become dull and repetitive. Try experimenting with other flowers and colors. Maybe try their favorite color? There are many different colored roses, like white, yellow, pink, purple, and other more unusual colors like apricot, copper, and vermilion. You can also try gifting flowers other than roses. Some of the alternatives includes tulips, sunflowers, baby’s breath, carnation, etc. Those flowers also have their own meanings, which makes them a good substitute for roses.

Order early when buying online

If you are doing your purchase in an online store, it is recommended that you shop and order ahead of time. Make sure that your valentine’s date will go as smoothly as possible by shopping for flowers before the occasion, or you will risk having your bouquet of choice running out of stock. Additionally, you might also miss out on delivery slots if your order comes too late.

  1. Unfailing Love

If your valentines date is a fan of classic red roses, then this $58.00 bouquet is a steal. This bouquet contains 9 stalks of Red Super Rose surrounded by Baby’s Breath and wrapped in pink paper. There is also an option to add to the number of roses. 12 stalks will cost $68.00, while 24 stalks will cost $108.00.


  1. Paddlepop Cone

Are you tired of valentine’s day dominated purely by the color red and pink? This $128.00 Rainbow Kenya Roses bouquet is for you! Consisting of 12 colorful stalks of Rainbow Kenya Roses paired with Baby Breath, Paddlepop Cone bouquet will surely bring a lot of colorful moments in your valentines.


At just $68.00, this bouquet consisting of Pink Roses, Purple Statice and Green Hypericum can be yours. You can even increase the number of roses to a maximum of 50 for a price. If you are planning to buy this as a valentines gift however, take note that the price listed here is not applicable from Feb 8 – 14.

  1. My Heart Belongs to You

The red roses symbolize your love for the person you are giving it to, while the white and pink roses show your sincerity. The three colored roses are further supplemented with baby’s breath, which makes this $58.00 worth the price. Take note that the price listed here is not applicable from Feb 9 – 14. Click here for more information on valentines day prices.


In many events such as weddings, baby showers, and debuts, Baby’s Breath are used to represent everlasting love. Who says that it is not applicable in valentines day as well? Baby’s Breath is often bundled along with other flowers, but in this bouquet, it is the main spotlight. Purchase this bouquet today at just $88.00.


Available for purchase at just $68.00, the Sweetie Pie bundle brings together Champagne Roses, Pink Gerbera, and White Eustoma for an exceptional combination. The colors are light, which is perfect for romantic dinners and date nights. If you are looking to buy this for valentines, please refer here as the price listed here is not available from February 8 – 14.

  1. My Dear

The $58.00 price tag is really worth it for a bouquet that contains Champagne Super Rose, White Super Rose and Pink Super Rose that is wrapped together with Baby’s Breath. You can even customize the number of roses in this bouquet, ranging from as low as 9 to as high as 99 stalks.

  1. Ferrero Love

Do you think your significant other will love receiving a bouquet made up entirely of chocolates? Why not give them a bundle of Ferrero Rocher? Available for $99.00, this bouquet is perfect for chocolate lovers. Showcase your love and sweetness with 24 pieces of Ferrero Rocher that are arranged in a beautiful way.

  1. Modern Romance – Red (Best Seller)

A classical combination of gorgeous red super roses encircled with baby’s breath, this bouquet is a best seller of Flora Moments – and you can see why. Wrapped in black and white, this bouquet will convey the things from your heart that cannot be expressed in words alone. If you are buying this bouquet from February 8 – 14, please refer here.

  1. Sweet Kisses

When red roses just won’t cut it for your Valentine's date, why not go for lovely Pink Tip Roses? At just $58.00, this bouquet will give you just that, with the added Sweet William flowers thrown in the mix. Bundled in a white wrapper and tied with a ribbon, this bouquet will wrap up your Valentine's Day with a smile.

  1. Mystifying (Kenya Roses)

Red roses can quickly become boring, especially if they are all that you gift for your S.O. on every Valentine's Day. Blue Kenya Roses, on the other hand is fairylike, and when combined with Baby’s Breath, is a match made in heaven. Just like you and your valentine. Available for just $88.00, this bouquet allows you to choose from 9 to a maximum of 99 stalks.


Love is certainly in the air with this bundle of Pink Roses combined with Pink Carnation and Pink Eustoma. Let your love be shown and admiration be felt for just $88.00. However, if you are planning to buy this as a gift this coming Valentine's Day, please visit this page since the price listed here is not available from February 8 – 14.


If you want to impress someone on Valentine's Day, surprising them with a violet themed bouquet will work wonders. This bouquet contains Pink Roses, Purple Statice, and Green Hypericum for just $68.00. There is also an option to increase the number of stalks up to 50, but be prepared to add extra.

  1. Cotton Pink Candy

Cotton Pink Candy bouquet contains Pink Baby’s breath bundled in complementing pink wrapper, which makes it perfect for a Valentine’s Day date. This bouquet has a price tag of just $68.00 at medium size and $98.00 at large size. Be sure to buy earlier than February 8 however if you want to take advantage of that price, since there is different pricing from February 8 – 14.


With an arrangement of Pink Roses and White Eustoma, your Valentine’s date will be asking for more in no time. Customizable for up to 50 stalks, and with a base price of $68.00 for the minimum of 9 stalks, this bouquet will surely fit your budget. Take note that purchases from February 8 – 14 will have a different price that can be found here.

  1. KALON
You can never go wrong with this classic rose bouquet. With 9 Red Super Rose in black packaging, bundled with Eucalyptus Leaf, Kalon is a staple on a romantic Valentine’s date. At regular dates, this bouquet has a price of $58.00. On February 8 – 14 however, the price is increased to $108.00. Conclusion: If you are looking for a classic bouquet of roses as your Valentine’s Day Flower, we recommend the Kalon bouquet. The Ferrero Rocher bouquet is also a good choice if you want to spice things up with something drastically different. No matter what bouquet you end up picking, be sure to get yours at Flora Moments. We provide free delivery from 9 am – 10 pm daily, with added costs on holiday, midnight and early morning deliveries.

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