8 Best Chinese New Year Prosperity Hampers

8 Best Chinese New Year Prosperity Hampers
8 Best Chinese New Year Prosperity Hampers

8 Best Chinese New Year Prosperity Hampers 

Chinese New Year is almost upon us, and with it came another season of gift-giving. Chinese New Year Hampers are excellent choices this coming Chinese New Year. In this article, we will discuss some of the things you need to know about Chinese New Year Hampers, as well as a few products to consider.

What is the meaning of giving hamper during Chinese New Year?

Sending a gift hamper in Chinese New Year is a wonderful way to show your affection to somebody that you value, and also signifies that you care and wish for them. Giving hampers also show that you desire for the receiver’s success in the coming year.

How to choose a good hamper to show appreciation? What details to look into?

There are hampers that indicate good and prosperous business, while some signify health and well-being. Giving the correct hamper to the right person can amplify the effect your gift has. You should look at the contents of the hamper before giving it to someone.

For example, if a person you intend to gift a hamper has a chocolate allergy, or does not like chocolates, avoid giving them hampers with chocolates. This also works the other way, in which you will prioritize hampers that contain their favorites.

Do not buy a hamper as a gift just because you like it, without considering the taste and preferences of the person receiving it. After all, you are buying the hamper as a gift, not for yourself.

How to choose a good shop to buy your hampers?

A good indication of a reputable website to buy hampers is if they are transparent with regards to the contents of their products. No vague language used to describe the contents, straight up facts, down to the measurements (like weight in grams, or content in liters).

Before making your final decision, we highly advise buyers to check the expiration dates of every single product included in the hamper. A good store has guarantees on the freshness of the items included in the hamper, and in case an item is close to its expiration date, the store should provide a replacement at no further cost.

Another good characteristic of a store, whether online or physical is transparency on their pricing. The exact price should be displayed on the packaging. We recommend you to check the stores regarding their goods and services tax (GST), which can increase the final price of the hampers.

  Lastly, if you do not have the time to purchase hampers at a store and deliver it to the recipient by yourself, try searching for a store that allow online orders and deliveries. Ordering online has the inconvenience of not being able to physically see the hamper you are buying yourself, but the benefits are worth it. Just be sure to order from a reputable store like Flora Moments if you want a smooth online buying experience.

Avoid buying your CNY hampers at the last minute

We do not recommend purchasing hampers at the last minute of Chinese New Year. By doing so, you will be faced with a time limitation that may cause you to rush your purchase. Be sure to leave plenty of time for searching for a good hamper that is perfect for the recipient and your budget.

Refraining from buying a hamper until the last minute can also cause you to spend more than you are planning or settle for a mediocre hamper since the inexpensive but excellent hampers might be already sold out at that point.

Spending a lot of time in looking for a hamper will allow you to have a careful and educated choice regarding the matter. In the following entry, we will discuss another reason why you should order your hampers early.

Be cautious with regards to shipping and delivery schedules

This point is only applicable for people who are purchasing online. Always check the delivery schedule of the shop that you will be purchasing from. If you wait at the last second before ordering, the risk of your hamper not being delivered on time for Chinese New Year is increased.

To prevent such situations, always place your orders in advance if you can.When buying online, be sure to review the delivery system of the shop. Delivery is free for most stores and purchases, with extra charges if you want to customize your delivery time.

In the next section, we will provide you with a list of a few hampers that are perfect for everyone, such as business partners, family members, elders, non-alcoholics, and more.

Perfect Selection of Prosperity Hampers


 #1 CNY Hamper – Endless Windfalls

With hand-picked contents aimed to improve business relationships, this hamper can be purchased for just $388.00. It contains spirits, with a bottle of Sylene XO (France) 35cl and Martell VSOP 70cl so that you and your business partners can drink together to your success.

It also contains Abalone, a New Moon 60th Anniversary Braised South Africa Abalone 8pcs 400g which is perfect when paired with the sweets included in the hamper. Every purchase of this hamper includes a Chinese New Year Card free of charge. Upgrading or changing to any other cards will cost you an extra $2.00.

Your clients and business partners will surely appreciate receiving this hamper from you. For the full list of contents, please refer on this webpage.

#2 CNY Hamper – Vitality

This CNY Hamper contains New Moon 60th Anniversary Braised South Africa Abalone 8pcs 400g, and a bottle of wine with San Huberto Cabernet Sauvignon (Red Wine) 75cl. However, this hamper is not called Vitality for no reason. It contains a lot of health-improving products, such as Ahmad Jasmine Green Tea 100g, Hock Seng Longan 234g, and New Moon Premium Dried Mushroom 150g.

It also contains healthy treats such as Premium White Fungus 30g, Premium Black Fungus 40g. For the full list of contents, visit the link below. Overall, the range of healthy treats and products makes this hamper perfect for the elderly and people who are health conscious. Get yours now here at only $268.00!


#3 CNY Hamper – Balanced Harmony

Perfect for people who love to have a taste of everything, this hamper is a good buy for only $188.00. Like it’s namesake, it contains a healthy balance of everything you expect from a hamper.

It contains red wine in the form of San Huberto Cabernet Sauvignon (Red Wine) 75cl, a healthy sip of tea with Ahmad Jasmine Green Tea 100g, treats like Pineapple Cookies 100g, Sincero Milk Chocolate Almond Nut 450g and Tong Garden BBQ Coated Peanuts 160g, as well as abalone.

Everything is packed in a festive box and includes a free Chinese New Year Card as well. For full information regarding the contents of this hamper, please refer here.


#4 CNY Hamper – Lucky Boost

Your family members and respected associates will surely appreciate this hamper, which includes a lot of excellent snacks and treats which is perfect for pantries and kitchens. The hamper contains 15 items, which includes an award-winning Ahmad Jasmine Green Tea 100g, Sincero Milk Chocolate Almond Nut 450g, Tong Garden Party Snack 180g, Tong Garden BBQ Coated Peanuts 160g, and more.

For the full list of contents, visit this webpage. Take note that this hamper does not contain any spirits, so if your giftee is a known liquor enthusiast, you might want to consider other hampers presented on this list. Otherwise, this hamper is a steal at just $148.00!


#5 CNY Hamper – Prosperous Fortune

Like it’s namesake, this hamper is really prosperous when it comes to the items included. It includes a total of 30 items, in which the full list can be found here. The expansive list of items can even be improved, as Flora Moments allows their customers to add wine and spirits to this bundle. Click here to learn more about this offer.

Some of the items included in this hamper include Martell liquor, various New Moon products, treats such as Ferrero Rocher and Sincero Milk Chocolate Almond Nut, and Eu Yan Sang Auspicious Gift Set.

Take note, that you will have to spend a fortune to purchase CNY Hamper Prosperous Fortune, which costs a staggering $888.00. However, if you have the budget for it, is it a luxurious hamper that. This hamper is best gifted for big clients and business partners, and special people in your life.

#6 CNY Hamper – Great Abundance (Add your own drinks!)

If you want to get personal when it comes to the spirit and wine included in your hamper, CNY Hamper – Great Abundance is a great choice for you. At just $288.00, you will get a hamper that contains an intensive collection of high quality seafood, tonic, and other food products that will surely satisfy the appetite of the receiver.

The hamper contains no alcohol on default, but you can add your own choice of wines and spirits at a cost. Click here for more information regarding this offer. On the other hand, you can also leave this hamper as it is for non-alcoholic giftees.

#7 CNY Hamper – Double Happiness

CNY Hamper Double Happiness contains two wines, a PengWine Rockhopper and Humboldt to satisfy people who loves to have some liquor. It also includes some seafood products, such as New Moon Razor Clams 425g, Camel Prawn Sauce Crackers 60g and New Moon Dried Fish Maw 80g.

There are also treats in the package, with Camel Shandong Groundnuts 120g, Tong Garden BBQ Coated Peanuts 160g, and two Meiji Lucky Stick 45g. The full list of items included can be found here.

Available for $348.00, this hamper is an excellent gift for people who loves both seafoods and wines this coming Chinese New Year.

#8 CNY Hamper – Sparkling New Year

For just $228.00, get a hamper that contains a Pengwine Sparkling Brut Chinstrap Vintage 75cl, a silver medal winner of the Decanter Asia Wine Awards. It also contains a variety of treats and other goodies, like Camel Mixed Snacks 80g, Premium Cashews 120g, and Camel Natural Pistachios 120g.

A comprehensive list of included products can be found here. Perfect for New Year parties with its broad selection of treats and snacks, be sure to buy your close friends and families a Sparkling New Year hamper if you haven’t chosen one yet.

Special Add-On:

Customize your hampers with a spirit or wine of your choice! Click here for more details.

Corporate Orders

For corporate and bulk orders, we provide competitive discounts. Contact us at 9777 9890 for more information. Only applicable for orders of 3 or more hampers.


CNY Hamper – Endless Windfalls is the hamper that provides value for money in our opinion. It is not too expensive at just $388.00, and it is really generous when it comes to the items included. CNY Hamper – Prosperous Fortune is too expensive to get as a casual gift. Meanwhile CNY Hamper – Lucky Boost have a lower price tag but doesn’t even have a bottle of wine or spirit included. CNY Hamper – Endless Windfalls struck a healthy balance between the two.

Get your Chinese New Year Hampers from the leading florist delivery in Singapore, Flora Moments! Click here to be redirected to their Hampers page, or use the links at the products mentioned above.

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