Best Get Well Soon Hamper 2023 - Editorial Pick

Best Get Well Soon Hamper 2023 - Editorial Pick
Best Get Well Soon Hamper 2023 - Editorial Pick

There are a few important things that you have to consider when choosing a get well soon hamper, which is the topic of this article. We also included a few hand-picked recommendations from Flora Moments to help you decide on the most suitable hamper to gift that will speed up the recovery process of the person receiving the hamper.

Things to consider when choosing a get well soon hamper

Your spending budget

The price tag of the hampers is another significant part of deciding which get well soon hamper to choose. You will find hampers with flowers, fresh fruits, vegetables, sweets, wine beverages, and other similar items. If the hampers contain a lot of items, it is going to cost more. When setting your budget for hampers, be sure to take the delivery charge into account as well. Delivery services are useful since they will allow you to send a hamper even without physically visiting the person it is intended for, however they can cost you extra.

The contents of the get well soon hamper

As stated in the previous point, hampers can contain flowers, fruits, sweets, and spirits. As such, you must consider the contents of the hampers you are buying. If the hamper is intended for a person who is not a drinker, giving them a hamper containing spirits is not appropriate for the situation. For flowers, you must make sure if they are allergic to the specific flower included in the hampers. Flower allergies can be rare, but it is better to be safe than sorry. The same can be said with fruits and vegetables. Avoid giving them items that you know they don't consume, are allergic to, or dislike.

The preferences of the person receiving the hamper

This is another important thing that you should not forget when buying a get well soon hamper. If they have a favorite color, make an effort to give them a hamper that is using a box with their favorite colors. You should also prioritize their favorite items, as long as they are healthy and will contribute to their speedy recovery. If the receiver of the hamper is a close friend, a loved one, or your significant other, you should try to include an item that is important to both of you. This item can include stuffed toys,

The flowers included and their colors

Most get well soon hampers include a few stalks of flowers, which is a good thing. After all, the presence of flowers will brighten the mood in a room, which promotes speedy recovery. Therefore, the flowers included in a get well soon hamper must be vibrant and full of colors. Strong colors are more appealing since they tend to be more lively. Bright colored flowers are also pleasant to look at.

Avoid sending flowers of light colors or white flowers, since they can be perceived similarly to a funeral flower. Vibrant colors are usually regarded as fascinating and refreshing in comparison with flowers with bright colors. This is especially important if the person receiving the hamper is sick either at home or at a hospital.

The scent of the flowers

Now that we are done with the color of the flowers, we must now discuss the scent of the flower included in the get well soon hamper. Generally speaking, the flowers in a get well soon hamper should not have a strong smell. This is especially important if the hamper is intended to be delivered in a hospital room. You must avoid offending the patient or the people watching over them with strong scent flowers. Considering this, the best flowers to be sent in a hospital room are rose, tulips, and sunflowers, since they do not have a strong scent. Meanwhile, if the person is just recovering at their own house, send strongly scented flowers at your own discretion.

Take care of the delivery timing

Choosing the right time to deliver a hamper is an important element of sending get well soon hampers, especially when the patient is currently in a hospital. You must schedule the right time for the hamper to arrive. You do not want your hamper to arrive at the hospital room when the patient has already been discharged or moved to another health facility. That's why it is important to choose a service provider that can provide you with precise delivery timings. Meanwhile, if the receiver is just recovering at home, this factor becomes less important.

  1. Get Well – Fruity Boost

Florist Singapore

Send your best regards with this hamper filled with nutritious fruits that will surely help the recipient in their recovery. This hamper also contains 3 Bottles of Eu Yan Sang Essence of Chicken, as well as a floral arrangement of Pink Lily and White Dendrobium Orchids. You can also choose between 5 fruits and 10 fruits, with the 5 fruit version costing $118.00, while the 10 fruit variant will cost you $148.00.

  1. Flourishing Basket - Japanese Fruits

Show your loved ones that you care with this Flourishing Basket of Premium Japanese Fruits. Available at $288.00, this hamper contains a floral arrangement of Super Lavender Roses and Eustoma that will surely lift up the spirit of the receiver.

This hamper contains 

  •         5 types of Japanese fruits 
  •         6 bottle of Eu Yan Sang bird nest
  •         5 stalks super lavender roses
  •         Eustoma

     3.  Get Well – Feel Better!

Florist Singapore

Your loved ones will surely feel better after receiving this hamper from you. At just $78.00, get a generous hamper containing 5 kinds of fruits, listed below:

  •         Strawberries
  •         Blueberries
  •         Apple
  •         Pear
  •         Orange

This hamper also contains a floral arrangement of Pink Carnation, Pink Eustoma, and Astilbe. There are also healthy drinks included, such as Tea leaf and Sala Leaf. If the receiver likes stuffed toys, there is an option to include a teddy bear for $20.

    4.    Get Well – Rejuvenation


Recovery will be easier if the patient knows that their closest friends and family care for them. Send them a hamper containing a rejuvenating set of healthy products, which includes 6 Bottles of Eu Yan Sang Bird Nest.

This hamper also contains an arrangement of Orange Super Roses, Yellow Gerberas and Pink Eustomas. Get yours now at $178.00.


If you are focusing on healthy hampers, we recommend you to get Get Well – Rejuvenation hamper. If you want an all-natural healthy hamper instead, Get Well – Fruity Boost hamper is your best bet. In case the receiver of the hamper loves stuffed toys, you can try giving them the Get Well – Smiley hamper.

No matter which get well soon hamper you end up choosing, be sure to order yours from Flora Moments so that you can be confident that your hamper will be delivered on time. Click here to visit Flora Moments, or contact them at 9777 9890.

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