Must-Visit Hang Out Spots in Singapore's Holland Village

Must-Visit Hang Out Spots in Singapore's Holland Village
Must-Visit Hang Out Spots in Singapore's Holland Village

It’s easy to get lost with all the many tourist destinations in Singapore. But for you to avoid going through that “ordeal,” it’s best that you head first to Holland Village, which is one of the country’s prime spots for people who are looking a fresh place to enjoy nature, bond with their loved ones, and know the cultural diversity of the place. But where to go? Well, here are some of the best tourist spots to go to in Hollan Village.


Atlas Coffeehouse


The Atlas Coffeehouse features an industrial-styled setting that gives you a fresh doze of Brazilian and Guatemalan blends. Try out their famous Black Bird if you’d want some chilling nitro brew sensation that’s fully packed for a hot day.

Chopsuey Cafe


Chopsuey Cafe is a place fit for nature lovers. Go here and enjoy the 1930’s vibe of the Singapore rural lifestyle long ago. See for yourself the handcrafted rattan chairs while enjoying a sumptuous feast on their Chinese and American dishes. Some of their best-sellers are their coconut salad, grilled pork, and their all-famous lobster wantons and lettuce cups with minced meat.

National Orchid Garden


The National Orchid Garden is a treasure trove of floral and plant life as it houses more than 60,000 plants from orchids thriving in cold climates to pitcher plants of the tropics. Here you’ll see the Vanda Miss Joaquin which is the national flower of Singapore, as well as the cross-bred orchid of Agnes Joaquin from 1893.

Dempsey Cookhouse & Bar

Dempsey-Cookhouse-Bar Holland Village

Feel hungry? If so, then the Dempsey Cookhouse and Bar should be your first stop. But it’s not just a place to dine but also where you can bask on their tropical scenery with lantern lights and ornamental natural decors. Then have a taste of their creamy burrata or perhaps their famous spice-crusted snapper.

Singapore Botanic Gardens


The Singapore Botanic Gardens is another natural wonder you need to go to in Holland Village as it is named as a world heritage site by Unesco. It’s created back in 1860 featuring vast lawns, glassy lakes, and vivid gardens. It’s also where you’ll find the National Orchid Garden that is home to more than 300 plant life species. Being a tourist and visiting those places mentioned above is already good. But why not make the experience more memorable by gifting your loved one with a bouquet of flowers? The best floral shop you can go to is Flora Moments. Here is how you can go from Holland Village to Flora Moments.

Directions from Holland Village to Flora Moments

  1. From Holland Village, walk to the Holland MRT Stn. and ride a Circle Line MRT towards Harbour Front.
  2. Drop down at HarbourFront.
  3. Walk to Opp VivoCity.
  4. Ride a 30 Bus towards Bedok.
  5. Alight at Bef Cantonment Rd.
  6. Walk straight along Keppel Rd.
  7. Turn left and walk straight to Hoe Chiang Rd.
  8. Turn right and then turn left to Kee Seng St.
  9. Arrive at Tanjong Pagar Plaza, Flora Moments is located at #02-48.

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