What can you find around Jurong Point?

Singapore may be considered small but there are a lot of things and to explore in the place. They have several sites wherein you can enjoy as well as the whole family. Jurong Point is somewhere that can be a spot to enjoy yourselves. With several spots to go to in and around the location, life will be brighter if you just roam around.

Go to the quirkiest shopping mall playground whether you are an adult or a child

Learn many things in a playground that will teach you a lot with the most colorful things. Learn more about science while playing by visiting JEM’s Rooftop playground.

Go to Block 221A

They have uncommon trampoline playground that fits the young at heart ones as well as the children. You can jump your heart out in their trampolines. They also offer rock climbing structure.

See the marvelous aesthetics hospital

This hospital is geometrically designed to improve ventilation and help the patients to recover quickly. They use solar energy and harvest rainwater to be used and recycled.

Project Bus Stop fun

You might be bored in usual bus stops but you can actually have fun with the smart bus stop that offers free wifi, chargers, mini library and a swing. You can definitely enjoy these perks while you are waiting for your bus to arrive.

Take a splash at Jurong East Swimming Complex

This is not your ordinary swimming resort. They have 3 water slides that can give you the adrenaline rush. They have a lazy river as well as a jacuzzi that is available in one location. This is a public swimming spot in Singapore that offers cheaper rate yet more enjoyable experience.

Experience Karting Speedway

This is the first ever competition race karting track and most people is not aware of that. They also offer night karting. The thrill and excitement that this track gives is unbelievably amazing.

Walk through J Link

An easier path to go to Lakeside. This walkway connects JCube to the shops at Jurong Gateway Road. There is a heritage corner at J Link wherein you can learn the rich history of Jurong.

Play baseball inside

The weather in Singapore can sometimes be too hot to handle especially if you are an athlete that plays an outdoor sport. You might want to shy away from the harmful rays of the sun but on the other hand, you want to play your sport. Homerun Baseball in Pandan Gardens can provide you with practicing your baseball skills inside their premises. Keeping you away from the sun while playing your favorite sport.


Directions from Jurong Point to Flora Moments:

  • Go to Boon Lay MRT, take a train at East West Line towards Paris Ris.
  • Drop off at Tanjong Pagar MRT. take the exit C.
  • Head southwest on Anson Rd toward Prince Edward Rd
  • Turn right onto Enggor St
  • Turn right onto Tg Pagar Rd
  • Turn left onto Kee Seng St
  • You have arrived at Tanjong Pagar Plaza, Flora Moments is located at #02-48.


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