The Different Flowers for Every Birth Month

If you’re planning to give flowers as a gift for someone’s birthday, then you should consider choosing florals that reflect the recipient’s birth month. You might be surprised to know that roses aren’t the birth flowers for February, but you can still send them as Valentine gifts.

Here are 12 birth flowers for each month and their corresponding meanings:


Flora Moments january

Carnations and snowdrops are the birth flowers for this month. Otherwise known as gillyflowers, carnations signify admiration and love. They may be considered to be filler flowers because of their cheap cost, but an expert florist like Flora Moments can turn them into a sophisticated design by using overlapping grasses placed in a cube-shaped container.



Flora Moments february

Violets are the birth month flowers for February, despite the common belief that they should be red roses because of Valentine’s Day. Still, it doesn’t make the violet any less beautiful as a special Valentine’s Day gift. The purple flower has been around for several centuries. It’s said that the Greeks were the first to have cultivated them in 500 B.C.

The flowers represent modesty and spiritual wisdom. Based on Greek mythology, the goddess Artemis turned one of her nymphs into a violet when the goddess’ twin brother, Apollo, was pursuing the maiden. Violets also symbolize the modesty of the Virgin Mary in Christianity.



Flora Moments march

Daffodils are the birth month flowers for March. The flowers trace their origins in the Mediterranean where ancient Romans and Greeks cultivated them. The flowers signify new beginnings, especially in countries with four seasons. Since it blooms in March, it usually marks the start of spring and the end of winter. There are now more than 13,000 hybrids of daffodils with colors ranging from orange to pink.



Flora Moments april

Daisies are the birth month flowers for March. There are several types although the most popular are the Gerbera daisy, English daisy, the painted daisy and the Shasta daisy. Daisies originated in England where they bloomed in open fields. They symbolize purity and innocence because of their delicate white petals.



Flora Moments may

The birth month flower for May is the lily of the valley, which represents motherhood and sweetness. There are various stories about the flower in ancient mythologies and astrology. According to Christian legend, Eve’s tears transformed into the lily of the valley as she was being banished from the Garden of Eden. The flower is mentioned 15 times in the Christian bible.



Flora Moments june

Roses are the birth month flowers of June. This might be the reason why weddings are popular during the same month. The flowers symbolize love and devotion. They were first cultivated in the Middle East and harvested for their medicinal uses and as a fragrance. The flowers’ colors also have various meanings. Red means love; red and white mean unity; pink represents happiness; and white symbolizes purity.



Flora Moments july

Larkspurs are the birth month flower for July. They also have a Greek mythological origin. The flower blossomed after Ajax’s blood spilled during the Battle of Troy. Larkspurs are used to deter venomous snakes and even treat scorpion stings. Some people even use the flowers in their baths to ward off ghosts!



Flora Moments august

The birth month flower for August is the gladiolus. The blooms have a unique structure with tall spikes and pointed leaves. The word gladiolus originated from the Latin term gladius, which means sword, so the name likely refers to the flower’s sharp leaves. If you’re giving this as a gift, it can be interpreted as being smitten with someone instantly because the flower represents love at first sight.



Flora Moments September

The aster is the birth month flower for September. It represents wisdom and valor. According to Greek mythology, Astraea’s tears transformed into the star-shaped wildflower. The word aster also means star in Greek. There are more than 600 species of aster today. The colors range from red, white to orange, although the most popular one is the bluish-purple shade as it symbolizes royalty.



Flora Moments October

Marigolds are the birth month flower for October. The ancient Aztecs were the first to cultivate the flower, which they regarded as having magical powers. When the Spanish colonizers arrived in their land, they brought the flower back to Spain where they were then cultivated in monasteries. If you’re looking for a natural insect repellent, then this flower is a good choice. The flowers also have an odor that can deter harmful bacterial growth in the ground, which benefits other flowers and plants.



Flora Moments November

Chrysanthemum is the birth month flower for November. The Chinese were the first to cultivate the flower several centuries ago, but ancient writings have mentioned chrysanthemum in Chinese text since the 15th century. The flower was used to treat different conditions such as lowering blood pressure and relieving headaches.

Buddhist monks further cultivated the flower in AD 400 after the chrysanthemum was brought to Japan. The Japanese emperor during that time quickly liked the flower that it became part of the official crest and seal. There’s even a National Chrysanthemum Day in Japan to honor the flower.


Flora Moments december

Narcissus is the birth month flower for December. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because the flower was named after Narcissus in Greek mythology. The flower represents vanity in Western Culture. On the other hand, the flower symbolizes wealth and good fortune as it’s used in Chinese New Year. Some people can confuse the narcissus with daffodils as both look the same.


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