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Explore these 6 Wonders in Singapore City

Singapore is of the smallest cities in the world, but there is no shortage of sights to see and experience. Explore fun attractions, discover hidden spots, eat delicious food, and learn more about rich Singaporean culture.

Here are some things to do in Singapore City:


Stroll through Kampong Lorong Buangkok

This small village in mainland Singapore is the last vestiges of Singapore’s kampong past and is the only remaining village cluster. It is not that much of a beauteous sight, but it gives you a sense of humbleness, exploring Singapore’s humble abodes. Step in this place and be ready to travel back in time, during ages where life was simpler in Singapore.


Watch birds at the Bukit Brown Cemetery

The city’s largest cemetery is also it’s oldest, with more than 100,000 graves – the oldest one dating as far back as 1833.

The cemetery is also a prime haven for nature lovers and bird-lovers, with over 90 migrant and resident birds populating the place or making it their homes. Near a quarter of threatened bird species of Singapore reside in this place, including the critically-endangered white-bellied woodpecker species.


Experience the majesty of the Jewel Changi Airport

Despite its name, the Jewel Changi Airport is not an airport, but a retail complex located inside the Changi Airport. This 10-floor dome houses more than 280 outlets for dining and shopping, and the world’s tallest indoor waterfall at 40 meters.

Besides eating and shopping in Jewel Changi, do not forget to catch and view the excellent hourly sound and light show of the indoor waterfall, starting at 7:30 pm and lasting until midnight.


Learn about urban gardening at Edible Garden City

On the seventh story of Funan lies an 18,000 square feet garden teeming with lush fruits and vegetables, including edible flowers. This urban farm, operated by the Edible Garden City – an organization that furthers grow-your-own-food thinking in Singapore, allows you to take a much-needed rest from the concrete retail jungle of Funan.

This garden is also open to the general public and allows visitors to learn how urban gardening works.


“Skydive” at iFly

For the more adventurous bunch, iFly gives you the skydiving experience, without the sky. The iFly is the largest indoor skydiving wind tunnel, offering the most accurate and least dangerous free-fall experience available without jumping off a plane. It simulates the feeling of falling from 12,000 to 3,000 feet.

Skydiving at iFly is perfect for all, including first-timers and professional divers, and corporate bonding and team-building efforts.


Gander at Nocturnal Animals in the Night Safari

The world’s first nighttime zoo boasts over 900 nocturnal animals in their natural habitat without any barrier except the zoo enclosure itself. See the animals with the use of special lighting techniques and processes that will not disturb the animals. Ride the Night Safari’s tram into the rainforest, then get off and follow any of the four walking trails for an up-close and personal viewing of the animals.

Singapore may be small, but it does not fall short when it comes to entertainment and grandeur. Make the most of your planned trip to experience the most places within your allotted time. Have fun in Singapore City, the place where future technology and present nature co-exist.

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