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Last Minute Flower Bouquet - Last Minute Romance

Introducing our 'Last Minute Elegance' flower bouquet, specially designed for those moments when time is of the essence but you still want to make a lasting impression. This exquisite bouquet features a harmonious blend of vibrant blooms handpicked and expertly arranged by our skilled florists.

'Last Minute Elegance' includes a stunning combination of fragrant roses, lilies, and delicate baby's breath, all carefully arranged in a chic and stylish vase. The vivid colors and lush greenery create a mesmerizing visual display that instantly brightens any space.

With our lightning-fast 1-hour delivery service, you can send this elegant bouquet to your loved one, friend, or colleague in Singapore with ease, even when you need a thoughtful gift at the very last minute. Don't let time constraints hold you back from showing your appreciation or love – let 'Last Minute Elegance' do the talking for you.


Bouquet of 12 Roses, includes Delivery

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