Reasons Why You Should Shop at Bugis

If you need something or just wanna buy stuff to add up to your collection of clothing, you probably wanna do shopping and if you are in Singapore, Bugis is one spot where you can do shopping in a reasonable price. They have a wide variety of selections when it comes to your fashion needs and you might be shocked with the prices you can find there. They offer items at a very affordable price that comes with high quality.

Here are some of the reasons why you should shop at Bugis:

Great place for fashion enthusiasts

With more than 600 stores to choose from, Bugis provides fashionistas with the most up to date and latest trends of clothing, shoes and accessories. You great shopping experience is waiting for you in this place.

Affordable items to choose from

If you are shopping and still being careful not to spend too much, this is definitely the best place for you. They have all sorts of items that can be bought at a very cheap price. You can even get a S$10 worth of casual wear in this area. Accessories are available with less than S$5 in its price tag.

Huge variety of options are offered at Bugis

Street shopping can never be this exciting when you shop at Bugis. You may even hard a hard time deciding what to purchase because of the options that they offer. You can also find the most unique finds in this shopping place.

You can bargain in some stores

There are stores that can give you great discounts and good bargain deals for whatever it is that you need. If you are getting a huge number of clothes, might as well ask for a bargain.

Korean fashion is also offered

If you are a fan of KPOP, you will find what you are looking for in this spot. They have stores that offer Korean fashion and products. They have the latest trends when it comes to Korean clothing and there are also accessories, shoes, cosmetics and whatever it is that come with Korean fashion.

Alternative services are being offered

Not just shopping, you can opt to get a tattoo, get your nails done, get hair and makeup services, etc.. These are also offered in this place and you will find them at very affordable prices.


Directions from Bugis to Flora Moments:

  • Go to Bugis MRT, take a train at East West Line towards Tuas Link.
  • Alight at Raffles Place.
  • Drop off at Tanjong Pagar MRT. take the exist C.
  • Head southwest on Anson Rd toward Prince Edward Rd
  • Turn right onto Enggor St
  • Turn right onto Tg Pagar Rd
  • Turn left onto Kee Seng St
  • You have arrived at Tanjong Pagar Plaza, Flora Moments is located at #02-48.


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