Valentine’s Day in Singapore: What Are the Do’s and Don’ts for Men?

Most men struggle with finding the right Valentine gifts for their partners. You’re lucky if your significant other isn’t hard to please, but that doesn’t mean not showing extra effort to make them feel special. Even though you think that a present is good enough, it may not have been a good choice on second thought.

From buying home appliances as gifts and simply doing the same thing ever, here are several things that you should avoid doing on Valentine’s Day:

Flora Moments cross out home

Cross Out Home Appliances From Your List of Valentine Gifts

Don’t buy a new dishwasher, vacuum or anything practical as a present, even if your partner explicitly asked for it. Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a special time for couples, and there’s nothing romantic about buying home appliances.

Another reason to avoid household items involves giving the wrong impression to your partner. Do you really want your wife to think that a new vacuum will do a better job of cleaning the house?


Flora Moments Buying Lingerie Is Also Tricky

Buying Lingerie Is Also Tricky

If you only became a couple recently, you should resist the urge to buy lingerie regardless of how good it would look on your partner. You might get the wrong size or color. Worse, it may be the wrong fit. Your present might backfire since it might remind your wife or girlfriend of their weight issues.

You should reserve this as a gift idea for next time, probably when your partner is already comfortable with receiving such gifts. Your wife or girlfriend may also think that giving them lingerie benefits you more than them, as it could mean using Valentine’s Day as an excuse to sleep with you.


Flora Moments Have a Lot of Expectations

Have a Lot of Expectations

Couples with children know that everything doesn’t stop just because it’s Valentine’s Day. You both need to work and take care of the kids, aside from several other responsibilities! You shouldn’t expect your partner to devote all of their time to you on that day. Despite their busy schedule, you should still try to celebrate the occasion.


Flora Moments Avoid Giving Funny Valentine's Cards

Avoid Giving Funny Valentine’s Cards

You can crack jokes and be humorous throughout the year, but it won’t hurt to show your serious and romantic side even for just one day. Pick out a simple card preferably without any pre-written messages. Write a short note that will resonate with her—a handwritten one goes a long way.


Flora Moments Assume That Material Gifts Are Enough

Assume That Material Gifts Are Enough

This is probably worse than forgetting that it’s Valentine’s Day or not having a present. Don’t assume that just because you gave an expensive Valentine’s Day gift, you don’t have to do anything else. For some people, your undivided time and attention will mean more than a luxury item. If you can’t think of a perfect gift, then cooking dinner or giving a massage are thoughtful acts. You won’t only be saving money, but also your partner may appreciate the kind gesture.


Flora Moments Pick Just Any Flowers

Pick Just Any Flowers

There’s a reason why your choice of flowers is important for Valentine’s Day. If you’re planning to give roses, the color will say a lot about them. Red roses signify love, of course, while yellow roses mean friendship. You definitely don’t want to give the latter if you’re in a romantic relationship. Similarly, pink roses mean admiration for another person.

You should visit Flora Moments if you’re hesitant about a certain variety but don’t want to be boring by choosing roses. We know the best choices for Valentine’s Day flowers. Roses are just part of our broad selection of blooms. The number of roses also symbolizes hidden messages. For instance, a single rose means that you want the person to know that they are “the one.”

A pair of roses signify mutual love while three roses obviously mean saying, “I love you.” Six roses can mean that you want to say, “I want to be yours.” Nine roses imply eternal love and adding one more means that the recipient is perfection. A dozen roses signify that you want the person to be yours. Secret admirers also send 13 roses to express their admiration discreetly.


Flora Moments Don’t Spend More Than Necessary

Don’t Spend More Than Necessary

Spend what you can afford and don’t try to impress your partner with a lavish gift, especially if you’re trying to save money for a more important expense. An alternative way to show your appreciation requires you to buy several small items. You can then give them to your partner at certain intervals of the day, or you can hide them in places where your partner can see the gifts.


Flora Moments Buying From Online Retailers Without Reading Reviews

Buying From Online Retailers Without Reading Reviews

Online shopping for Valentines’ gifts is already common. Don’t purchase anything without reading online reviews from previous buyers, which is a common mistake. If you really want to have flowers delivered on Feb. 14, just make sure to book a service several days or even weeks to avoid spending more money on premium fees.


Flora Moments Choosing an Unknown Florist

Choosing an Unknown Florist

Don’t be tempted to buy a product or pay for a service from an unknown florist in Singapore, regardless of the cheap price. Always transact with a company that offers service guarantees. At Flora Moments, we assure clients that our packaged consumables have expiration dates of no less than three months. If you’re planning to include balloons as an accessory, we make sure that they are inflated within an hour before the scheduled delivery time.


Personalized gift ideas are always a good choice for Valentine’s Day. If you’re hesitant to give the wrong impression, you can just buy a bouquet of flowers and send it to your partner. Handwritten cards remain a romantic gesture as well. Go to homepage and find out more about our best-selling products and services.


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