10 Best Graduation Flowers To Buy This 2023

10 Best Graduation Flowers To Buy This 2023
10 Best Graduation Flowers To Buy This 2023

In case you are going to the commemoration ceremony, present the bouquet as soon as it concludes. Immediately after the ceremony is done, all people are going to be hurrying to congratulate the person who graduated. Your bouquet of flowers will surely stand out among hugs and kisses given by other people. Meanwhile, if you are only attending the graduation party, the right time to give it is at the party as soon as you see the graduate.


Graduates throw the hat at the diploma ceremony at the university.

On the other hand, if you cannot go to the graduation ceremony and cannot attend the party either, you can arrange for your flowers to be sent to the graduate instead. There are some online stores that supports sending of flowers right to the home of the graduate, so that your presence can be felt even if you are not there physically.

Is it possible to send flowers if the graduate is a male?

Yes, you can. As long as you select flowers with bright colors or flowers that are not too feminine, it is appropriate to send a bouquet to a male. For example, avoid choosing bright red roses if the recipient is a male.

Flowers recommended for graduations

  1. Peonies

Peony in Cone

Peonies are well-known flowers blooming in early spring. They are often present in joyful events such as wedding ceremonies to baby shower parties. Peonies have a substantial symbolic function in China, in which a peony is referred to as the “king of flowers.” In Chinese tradition, the peony is a symbol of prosperity and reverence. In line with the Victorian flower language, peonies stand for a peaceful, cheerful life.

These flowers can be found in a variety of colors to correspond to a graduate’s outfit or skin tone. Give your congratulations to a graduate by giving them an arrangement of peonies.

  1. Hydrangeas

Florist Singapore

Hydrangeas are smooth flowers with similar appearance to a ball, generally found in calming tones of white, blue, purple and pink. Based on the language of flowers, hydrangeas stand for appreciation. If your closest friend or perhaps your boyfriend or girlfriend is graduating from school this 2020, show your appreciation of the bond between the two of you with a special bouquet of hydrangeas.

  1. Carnations

Pink Carnation

Carnations are multipurpose flowers having a beautiful appearance and spicy flowered fragrance. The carnation was used by the Romans and Greeks in garlands. The flower's name equates to “flower of gods,” and that is not far from the truth. Carnations are excellent graduation flowers, and the different colors of carnation have their own meanings, which is discussed below:

Red: Red carnations are perfect to demonstrate your admiration for the graduate. Choose this color if the graduate is your significant other, or if you want to show that you love them.

White: White carnation signifies your pure love for the graduate. Choose this color if the graduate is a close friend.

Pink: Pink carnation shows that you will not fail to remember the graduate. This color is best for friends and for your peers.

Carnations provide you with a lot of freedom with regard to obtaining a flower to fit your graduate’s university theme. Even though carnations can be purchased in a variety of colors, it is simple to dye the flowers to achieve the precise color you desire. It is really simple to color a carnation using a dye, just mix food coloring with water and dip the flowers, and the color will be absorbed. Graduation from a college or university is an important life milestone applauded by loved ones and friends. This special day necessitates its own surprise, and a bouquet of flowers is exceptional at congratulating someone. In this article, we will discuss how to choose graduation flowers, and a few sample bouquets you can choose from.

  1. Roses

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When you can’t think of what flowers to give, choose roses. Roses are used since the medieval times for celebrations and symbolize love, romance, and passion. You can never go wrong with sending roses to a graduate, especially if the graduate is your significant other.

The different colors of roses have different meanings, so your message to the graduate can be carried by roses. They are as follows:

White: Symbolizes purity, respect, and a fresh start. Expresses the fresh start that graduates must go through, and shows your respect and admiration.

Pink: Symbolizes happiness, which can express the joy of graduating from college.

Yellow: Symbolizes friendship, fresh start, and happiness. If the graduate is a close friend of yours, a yellow rose bouquet is better than a red rose, which normally symbolizes romance.

Orange: Symbolizes ambition and eagerness, perfect for graduates with a bright future ahead of them.

  1. Orchids

Purple Orchids

Orchids are symbols of beauty and love. It is a great way to make a graduate happy on their graduation day since it symbolizes that they are unique, loved and adored.

See the list of the 10 Best Graduation Flowers To Buy This 2022

  1. Sunny Love

Florist Singapore

Graduations are supposed to be cheerful, so amidst all the hugs and cries, this bouquet will surely stand out. Celebrate new beginnings and new opportunities with the Sunny Love bouquet. Available at just $58.00, this bouquet contains an arrangement of Sunflower, Super Red Roses, Red Hypericum, and Yellow Caspia.

  1. Lovely Thoughts

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When the graduate is a woman, and you are close with her, giving her a lovely bouquet of roses surrounded with Baby’s Breath will surely send your message of congratulations. Available at just $58.00, this Lovely Thoughts bouquet contains an arrangement of fresh Lavender Super Roses and White Baby Breath.

  1. Daisy Crazy

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If the graduate is also your significant other, giving them this bouquet to show how much you love them is a great way to congratulate them. At just $88.00, this bouquet contains a generous arrangement of 16 Gerbera Stalks, with colors ranging from Pink, Purple, Yellow, Cream and Orange.

  1. Paddlepop Cone

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Perfect for someone who graduated with flying colors and top honors, this colorful Paddlepop Cone bouquet will surely make them feel special on their graduation day. Get this wonderful bouquet for just $128.00. The bouquet contains a beautiful arrangement of 12 Rainbow Kenya Roses surrounded by complementing white Baby’s Breath.


Florist Singapore

Containing Sunflower, Champagne Eustoma, and Eucalyptus Leaf, this bouquet will surely highlight the positive aspects of graduation. Wrapped in a beautiful gold and red packaging, this beautiful bouquet will surely have a place in every graduate’s commencement ceremonies and parties. Get yours now from Flora Moments, available at just $118.00.


Florist Singapore

Containing an arrangement of 6 stalks of radiant Sunflower surrounded by Pink Eustoma and Purple Statice, this bouquet is a perfect gift for graduates. Send your congratulations in a way that will stand out among the tears and greetings with this captivating combination of flowers. Buy one now at only $108.00.

  1. Mirage (Rainbow Baby’s Breath)

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Celebrate the graduate’s new milestone, and give your best wishes for the long and windy roads of life they will have to take after school with the Mirage bouquet. Available for purchase at just $98.00, this bouquet contains an arrangement of Baby’s Breath featuring 7 different colors that will take your breath away.

  1. Garden Blossoms

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Available at just $148.00, this bouquet contains an arrangement of vibrant Sunflower, White Lily, Pink Alstroemeria, and Song Of India, making it an excellent graduation flowers. This flower will show to the graduate that you adore them, especially when sent on one of the most important occasions in their life.

  1. Night Bite

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This bouquet is perfect if the person who graduated is romantically involved with you. The vibrant sunflower symbolizes their success, while the Red Rosespray shows your unfaltering love and admiration for them. Available for purchase at $98.00, this bouquet contains an arrangement of Sunflower, Red Rosespray, Purple Eustoma, and White Alstroemeria.


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Available at just $68.00, this bouquet contains an arrangement of Red Gerbera and Eucalyptus Leaf. The color red is the symbol of love, which shows your love for the graduate. This bouquet is appropriate if you are in a relationship with the graduate since this bouquet has a very romantic appearance.


If you are looking for an online florist with the best graduation flowers, we recommend you to check out Flora Moments. They feature all of the arrangements and bouquets featured in this article and even more. Click here to go to their website for your orders, or give them a call at 9777 9890.


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