Delivery Policy


A. Delivery Time Range: For example, delivery time range of 4pm - 6pm means the earliest time that the order will reach is at 4pm and the latest time that the order will reach is at 6pm. 

B. Order Time: Order time is the time when the order has been made and payment finalized, the timing of the order time would be shown in the notification email sent by for the confirmation of your order.

C. Hours between Order Time (B) and Delivery Time Range (A): the hours listed throughout the domain, when stated the time between the hours of Order Time (B) and the Delivery Time Range (A) is 5 hours, it means the time between the Order Time (B) and the latest time the order must reach within the Delivery Time Range (B).


"we would need a minimum of 2 hours to create and deliver from 5pm order time": If the Order Time is made at 5pm, and the delivery time range selected is 6pm - 7pm, the order is not possible as it would be less than 2 hours. The next possible time slot would be 7pm - 8pm.


2. Delivery Timeslots Charges

All our delivery charges applies to all our flower, hamper and balloon products. To qualify for delivery, there must be a minimum order of $65 and above.

Timeslot Time Price (Mon-Sun, SGD$) Peak Period (SGD$) +$20

7 am - 8 am

8 am - 9 am



(68+20) = +88

(68+20) = +88

Office Hours 1 9 am - 2 pm FREE +20
Office Hours 2 1 pm - 7 pm FREE +20
Evening 6 pm - 10 pm FREE +20
Specific 1-hr Block Delivery

9am - 10am

10am - 11am

so on....


9pm - 10pm

+38 (38 + 20) = +58


Additional Charges

  • Specific Time

For delivery at a specific time, there is an additional charge of S$38. Your order will be delivered within 1 hour of the stipulated time. (E.g. If you specify 3pm-4pm, we will deliver your order within the stipulated time) Orders must be made a minimum of 2 working hours before requested time. Please call us at (65) 8508 8400 to check the availability of our drivers. Should resources be unavailable, Flora Moments reserves the right to turn down your request.

  • Redelivery Charges

For a second attempt at delivering the order, there will be an additional charge of S$28. For flowers, fruits and cake, redelivery must be made on the same day or within the next day. If not, we have to replace your order to ensure that only the freshest and highest quality blooms and consumables are sent to your recipient. This replacement is chargeable at 80% of the original price.

  • Redirection Charges

Should you like to redirect an order on the same day, there will be an additional charge of S$28. Cancellations after delivery has been attempted will not be entertained.

Earliest Possible Delivery

We are happy to have your orders delivered on the same day. For specifics, please refer to the table below to know when is the earliest possible delivery.

Day of Ordering Time of Ordering Earliest Free Delivery Time Slot
Mon-Fri 12 am - 2 pm  1 pm - 7 pm 
2 pm - 5 pm  6 pm - 10 pm
5 pm - 11.59pm  1 pm - 7 pm (Next day)
Sat-Sun 12 am - 2 pm  1 pm - 7 pm 
2 pm - 4 pm  6 pm - 10 pm
4 pm - 11.59pm  1 pm - 7 pm (Next day)

Delivery schedule and changes are subjected to change during:

  • Valentine's Day, Christmas, Chinese New Year, and Mother's Day


Delivery of Mass Orders for Inflated Balloons

If you would like to place a mass order of inflated balloons (more than 40pcs) for your event, please contact us directly at (65) 8508 8400 or email us at  to check for availability. We would require a lead time of 2 days upon confirmation of order.

Delivery for Restricted Areas

Kindly note that we do not deliver to the following restricted areas at the moment.

  1. Airport Cargo Complex
  2. Airline Road
  3. All Army Camps
  4. Jurong Island
  5. All PSA Ports
  6. Sembawang Shipyard
  7. Changi Airport
  8. Tuas

For delivery to Sentosa island, there is an extra delivery charge of $30.

Delivery Time Slot Amendments

Amendments of delivery date and timings must be requested two days before the requested delivery date.

Please express your intentions to amend your order by contacting Flora Moments via email or call us at (65) 8508 8400, stating your Order Confirmation number.