13 Proposal Flowers For Her to Say Yes

A proposal for engagement certainly belongs on the list of the most significant occasions in everyone's life. Once you propose to your girlfriend or fiancée for a wedding, you're not just proving that you love her. You are also stating that you are happy to live your life with them and share aspiration, hopes, and goals as one.

A proposal is done by kneeling to your girl, presenting a wedding ring and asking her the classic "will you marry me?" question. However, a bouquet can be made memorable by giving her the appropriate flower bouquet.

A wonderful proposal arrangement intensifies your wedding proposal and provides a good level of romance that can assist you in making her finally say yes. Now, you may be wondering that there are many flowers out there that can be used as proposal flowers, which makes it hard to choose the perfect one for your proposal.

In the next section, we will inform you about the most prominent proposal flower, which is rose. ermine the best bouquet for your specific scenario.

Roses as proposal flower

Rose is the classic flower that symbolizes love, romance, and affection. As such, they are extremely popular and widely used for proposals. Rose is also connected with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty and love. The many colors of roses also carry their own meaning, which is discussed below.

red flower for marriage proposal


A symbol of love and passion. It represents appreciation and respect when used as a proposal bouquet. It is sed that the darker your red roses are, the deeper your love and commitment to the person you are giving it to.


Pink colored roses are a symbol of true love, gratitude, elegance, and grace. Pink roses that are darker in shade is an expression of your gratitude to a person, while light roses symbolize happiness, grace, and sweetness.


White roses are a symbol of innocence, purity, and youth. As a proposal bouquet, white roses can symbolize your pure love and clean intentions to the woman you are proposing to. White roses also represent eternal and young love.

man holding a flower and a ring proposing for a marriage


Roses of this color are a representation of eternal beauty that lies in the union between a man and a woman. It symbolizes elegance and tenderness, making it a good flower to be included in a proposal flower.


Here are the 13 Best Proposal Flowers

All My Love 99 Roses

1. All My Love (99 Roses)

For $418.00, get a stunning and beautiful bouquet featuring 99 stalks of Red Super Roses with Red Hyperium as complementing flower. Perfect for proposals, show her all of your love with this red bouquet available exclusively at Flora Moments. This bouquet is a symbol your pure love and passion towards her, intense and vivid.

Darling Supersize
2. Darling (Supersize)

This aptly named bouquet lives to its title. This bouquet contains an arrangement of Pink Hydrangea, White Hydrangea, White Eustoma, Pink Eustoma, White Rose, Pink Rose, White Wax, and Silver Lea, each flower type combining into a massive but gorgeous bouquet. Priced at $498.00, orders must be made at least 2 days prior to the date of delivery.


i love you forever
3. Love You Forever

Available exclusively at Flora Moments at just $418.00, this bouquet will surely help in making your proposal memorable. This bouquet contains an arrangement of vibrant Red Super Roses (99 stalks) and complementing Baby’s Breath bundled in a beautiful red wrapper that will surely make any girl feel special and loved.



Iconic heart
4. Iconic Heart

This bouquet might have a light color theme, but it is nonetheless gorgeous on its own right. A great addition to any proposals, the Iconic Heart bouquet contains an arrangement of White Roses and Pink Carnations. Purchase one now from Flora Moments at just $298.00 and make your proposal even more special.


Lotsa Lav

If you are on a tight budget but still want to present a bouquet of flowers to your girl on your proposal, the LOTSA LAV bouquet is your best bet. This bouquet is a gorgeous arrangement of Yam Roses and Baby’s Breath, available for as low as $88.00 at 9 stalks. There is also the option to choose up to 99 stalks with a corresponding price increase.


My heart belongs to you
6. My Heart Belongs to You

Another inexpensive option, My Heart Belongs to You is a good bouquet for proposals. This is especially true if your significant other likes the white, pink and red roses since this bouquet contains that color combination. At just $88.00, this bouquet contains Red Super Roses, Pink Super Roses, White Super Roses, and Baby’s Breath.



7. Psychedelic

Your proposal will surely be unforgettable with this colorful bouquet wrapped in matching blue and white paper. Available at just $118.00, this lively bouquet is perfect if your girl has an outgoing and active personality. This bouquet is available exclusively at Flora Moments and contains an arrangement of Kenya Rainbow Roses and Baby’s Breath.

My Dear
8. My Dear

This bouquet contains an arrangement of Champagne Super Rose, White Super Rose, Pink Super Rose, and Baby’s Breath. Priced at just $88.00, this enchanting bouquet will make her even closer to saying yes. If you are aiming for a romantic night of proposal, this bouquet is suitable due to its light but mesmerizing colors.


9. Back in the 80's

If you want to go with a classic red rose bouquet, the Classic Romance bouquet is a good choice. It contains an arrangement of Red Rose and Sweet William. At default, the $58.00 price tag will provide you with a 9 stalk bouquet. However, there is an option to increase the size of the bouquet to a maximum of 99 stalks with an additional price.

heart shape bouquet
10. Heart Shaped Bouquet

This bouquet is priced at $468.00 and contains an arrangement of Red Super Roses, Baby’s Breath, and Pink Super Roses. This bouquet is especially romantic since the Red Super Rose at the top is shaped like a heart, while Baby’s Breath and Pink Super Rose serves as the backdrop to this romantic display.

sugar roses
11. Sugar Roses

This bouquet contains an arrangement of Pink Rose, Sweet William, and Silver Leaf. Priced at just $88.00, this bouquet is perfect for people on a budget who wants to give pink roses accompanied by other flowers and greeneries in their proposal. This bouquet proves that you do not have to spend a fortune to have a beautiful bouquet to present.


rainbow tulip love
12. Rainbow Tulip Love

Another multicolored bouquet, Rainbow Tulip Love is an excellent choice if you want to present a colorful bouquet other than rainbow rose at your proposal. Tulips represent paradise on earth, which is a perfect analogy for the married life that you want to spend with your girl. At just $138.00, this bouquet contains an arrangement of Rainbow Tulips (9 stalks), Pink Eustoma, and Baby Breath.


golden hour
13. Golden Hour

Golden Hour is a classic bouquet of red roses on a gold wrapper. Show your burning passion and love at your proposal, and finally hear her sweet yes with this bouquet. Available exclusively at Flora Moments for just $88.00, this bouquet contains an arrangement of Red super rose and Baby Breath.



No matter which proposal bouquet you choose, it is of greatest importance that you get a bouquet that is personally preferred by your partner. You can get a general idea of what she likes if you had presented bouquets to her in the past. If she likes classic rose bouquets, you can go with the number of rose bouquets in this article, such as Golden Hour, Back in the 80s, and My Heart Belongs to You. Meanwhile, if you want to go all-in with your proposal, the Heart Shaped Bouquet is your best bet.

Once you have made your choice, be sure to order from Flora Moments, which can be reached at 9777 9890. You can also visit their website by clicking on this link.

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