How To Choose The Best Baby Hampers for New Born and Their Parents

Things you must consider when choosing a baby hamper

The baby hampers that your gift is an indication of how close you are with the new parents and can convey your good wishes and congratulations as well. No matter which hampers you like, be sure that it conveys the message that you want to show properly.

Being a mother or father is a major change in life, and selecting the correct baby hamper is one of the things that you can do to demonstrate your assistance to the new parents.

Below are some of the things that you must consider when selecting the perfect baby hamper, so stay tuned. Without further ado, let’s start:

1. Must-have items intended for the baby

Choose a hamper that contains useful items for the baby, such as baby clothes, toys, and baby bed sets.

When buying a hamper with such contents, be sure that the color of the items matches the gender of the baby. Blue is the traditional color for baby boys, while pink is the traditional color for baby girls.

You should also consider getting a hamper that contains toys for babies. A baby hamper that contains toys shows that you are concerned about the baby’s enjoyment. This is particularly essential for exhausted moms and dads who have to take a break from the cries of their babies.

Toys for babies are often effective at getting the attention of babies and calm them down, they are a great item to be included at any hamper.

However, be sure to pay attention to the age rating on the toy included in the hamper. Some toys have choking parts that are not suitable for newborns. Toys with only a single piece, big toys, or pacifiers are great choices for newborns.

Another important set of items for intended for the baby is consumables. Consumables for babies include soap, shampoo, diapers, baby wipes, and natural baby foods. When choosing soap and shampoos, be sure to choose ones that are labeled for sensitive skin.

The same goes for diapers, baby wipes since they will be used in direct contact with the skin of the baby.

Choose a hamper with items intended to educate children

2. Choose a hamper with items intended to educate children

There are loud educational baby toys which can be shaken or pushed, which will lead to the toy making loud sounds.

There are also exercise toys that can be pushed, poked, rotated, or squeezed, which are all favorite activities of any baby or toddler.

Meanwhile, if the baby is about 6 months old, you can choose more complex toys like building blocks or puzzles. These kinds of toys will allow a baby to learn and grow while having fun.

Even if the hamper that you purchased does not have toys, you can always opt to personally customize the baby hamper by purchasing a baby toy yourself and packaging or sending it along with the hamper.

3. Choose a hamper with products intended for parents

In Singapore, baby hampers that contains essence of chicken or bird’s nest are a popular gift for newborns. Even though the baby itself cannot consume those items, it will be very useful for the mother.

Parenting is hard, with the parents having to wake up multiple times in the dead of the night to change diapers or to feed their baby. As such, a baby hamper that contains something to eat and drink for the parents is a really good choice.

Choose a flower bouquet instead if the baby already has a lot of baby items

4. Choose a flower bouquet instead if the baby already has a lot of baby items

In case the baby has already received many clothes and bed sets from loved ones, or if their parents have already went on a baby needs shopping trip, it can be redundant if you still purchase a hamper containing baby needs for them. As an alternative, you can opt for a beautiful bouquet of flowers instead.

When choosing a bouquet of flowers, be sure to get a bouquet that symbolizes new beginnings, good luck, and well wishes. Some recommended flowers include lily, orchid, rose, carnation, and baby’s breath.

Here are the Best Baby Hampers for Newborns and Their Parents

1. New Born – Jubilation

At just $168.00, get a baby hamper containing 6 Bottles of Essence of Chicken, which is perfect for the health of the mother. There is also a Newborn Clothing Set that will surely be very useful on the baby’s first months, as well as an arrangement of Purple Roses and Purple Eustomas stalks.

New Born Hamper Its a Boy
2. New Born – It’s a Boy!

Priced at just $138.00, this baby hamper contains 6 Bottles of Eu Yan Sang Essence of Chicken with American Ginseng and Cordyceps, so that the parents can take care of their health too. A Blue Newborn Clothing Set is also included in the hamper, as well as an arrangement of Pink Lily and White Dendrobium Orchid.

New Born hamper Its a Girl
3. New Born – It’s a Girl!

True to its name, this hamper priced at $138.00 must only be purchased if the newborn is a girl. This is because it primarily contains pink baby items, which includes a 5 piece Disney Baby Minnie Gift Set and a set of Pink Newborn Outfit. It also contains 6 Bottles of Eu Yan Sang Essence of Chicken, as well as an arrangement of Pink Lily and White Dendrobium Orchid.

Blushing rose for parents
4. Blushing Rose

At just $98.00, this bouquet is a good choice if you are currently on a tight budget but still want to send your congratulations to the new mother. This bouquet contains an arrangement of Yam Rose and Eucalyptus Leaf, which symbolizes the unconditional love that a mother has for their children.

5. Flourishing Basket – Japanese Fruits

Giving birth is really painful, but the joy of seeing your child for the first time will make any mother feel better. Make the new parents feel even more better with this hamper that contains an arrangement of Lavender Roses and Eustoma.

Priced at just $288.00, this hamper also contains 6 Bottles (70 ml) of Eu Yan Sang Bird’s Nest and 5 types of Japanese Fruits.

Get Well Rejuvenation
6. Get Well – Rejuvenation

This baby hamper contains 6 Bottles of Chwee Song Bird Nest and 6 Bottles of Eu Yan Sang Essence of Chicken, which is perfect for parents who are taking care of the baby all day and all night. At just $158.00, the hamper also contains an arrangement of Pink Lily and White Dendrobium Orchid.

Creation Parents
7. Creation

If the baby and the parents already have a lot of baby cloths prepared, why not give them a flower bouquet instead? This hamper contains an arrangement of Pink Carnations, Pink Matthiola, White Eustoma, Silver Leaf, and Purple Caspia. Priced at just $128.00, this Mother’s Day bouquet is also suitable for new mothers who just gave birth.


New Born-Jubilation is good choice if you want a generic baby hamper that will be useful regardless of the baby’s gender.

If you have already made your choice, be sure to order your baby hamper from Flora Moments. They offer the best hampers that will surely be appreciated by any new mom and dad out there, and they also offer free deliveries.

Click here to visit their website, or give them a call at 9777 9890 for more information.

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