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Sending Condolence Flowers to the family that is grieving is a practice that we all grew up with. In this article, we will discuss a few tips when it comes to choosing flowers when attending a funeral, as well as some funeral bouquet that we personally hand-picked for you.

Why bring flowers to a funeral

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Giving flowers is one of the usual ways to express your sympathy and extend your condolences to the relatives of a dearly departed person. Since the ancient times, flowers are employed in funerals, used in different ways such as to decorate the casket, for decoration on the burial site, and more. Funeral flowers are supposed to provide comfort to those who were left behind and act as a reminder that life must continue moving forward. Giving flowers is an excellent method to show to the grieving family members that you are with them in this time of despair. The Condolence Flowers that you will give is going to hopefully be an aid to celebrate living, deliver ease, and raise the mood of the bereaved family members.

Take the religion of the deceased into account

The most suitable flower bouquets can differ based on the beliefs, religion, and faith of the person who died and their family. Flowers that are ideal in some customs might not be appropriate in other faiths, therefore it is vital that you think about this prior to buying condolence flowers. Below are a few tips for the most prevalent faith and religions today:

  • Catholic and Christian

There are no particular suggestions or flower types to avoid for this religion; almost all colors and kinds of flower arrangements and bouquets are appropriate.

  • Greek Orthodox

Even though this religion is okay with any kind of flowers, you should prioritize getting white floral arrangements as it is their preferred color.

  • Mormon

Any kind of flowers and colors are appropriate for this religion, however, you should keep away from bouquets that use crucifixes or crosses as design. This is because religion does not use the cross as a symbol in their religion.

  • Baha’i and Buddhist

Any kind of flowers and colors are acceptable.

  • Hindu

Garlands are preferred in this religion in place of floral bouquets, so see if you can find a garland instead.

  • Muslim

The Muslim faith has different preferences on funeral flowers, so it is vital that you inquire to the family regarding their personal wishes prior to buying a bouquet.

The meaning of funeral flowers

In this section, we will discuss the flowers that are frequently used as Condolence Flowers and their meanings.

  • Chrysanthemums

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Chrysanthemums are generally a part of funeral bouquets in many countries and cultures worldwide. In numerous European countries, chrysanthemums are a symbol of death. Meanwhile, in Asian countries such as Japan, China, and Korea, chrysanthemums represent grieving and sadness. In America, chrysanthemums stand for truth and are usually considered to be a cheerful way to recognize somebody who had a happy life.

  • Lily

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This beautiful flower generally blossoms in the summer season. It is the representation of restoration and revival.  The lily signifies the purity that is restored to the soul of the departed that provides hope and support to grieving family members. The notion of restoration and rebirth is especially relevant to religious people. Lily is also colored white, which is associated with chastity and youth. This makes the flower an ideal choice for the memorial of somebody who was young on their passing.

  • Carnations

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Carnations are frequently used as funeral flowers due to their wide variety of available colors and splendid scent. They also take a long time to wither, which allows them to be on funeral displays for at least a week since carnations have a lifespan of 2 - 3 weeks. The different colors of carnation have varying meanings. Pink symbolizes remembrance, while red signifies love, longing, and admiration. White carnation is a symbol of faithfulness, purity, chastity, sweetness and pure love, and lastly, yellow means friendship.

  • Rose

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Even though roses are normally associated with romance, they are also used on funeral bouquets. Each color variations of rose have different interpretations for burial usage. Pink rose means admiration, elegance, and love, and is generally used at the memorial of females or those who died early. Purple signifies dignity and elegance and is often used for the funeral of grandparents. White is the symbol of innocence, youth, and purity. White rose is generally employed on the memorial of children and people who passed away before their time.

  1. Rest Well

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Convey your goodbyes and condolences through this bundle of white gerberas, symbolizing the innocence given back to the spirit of the deceased, and yellow chrysanthemums which signify the friendship that will not be ended by death. Available at just $108.00, this Condolence Flowers bouquet contains an arrangement of White Gerbera and Mini Yellow Chrysanthemums.

  1. Always

    Always - Flora Moment Condolence Flowers

Always - expresses your love and grief for the person who passed away. Mini White Chrysanthemums is also present, to signify that your love will continue even beyond the grave. Show your deepest sympathies with a simple act of sending funeral flowers.

  1. Remembrance

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Even though someone may be gone from this world, their memories will forever reside in the hearts of the people who love them. White Gladiolus symbolizes the honor, sincerity, and honesty of the deceased, so you can put an emphasis on the character of the departed. Priced at just $138.00, this bouquet contains an arrangement of White Gladiolus, White Chrysanthemums, and Purple Statice.

  1. Forging Ahead (Best Seller)

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Send your condolences to the bereaved family with the best seller bouquet from Flora Moments, Forging Ahead that can be purchased for just $138.00. Remind them to always keep moving forward with this bouquet containing White Gladiolus, White Lily, White Sunlight Chrysanthemum, Yellow phoenix and Purple Hydrangea that stands out at the center.

  1. Always In Your Heart

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The deceased may be gone, but they are never forgotten. Let the bereaved family know that they are always in your heart with this bundle of lily and white rose, available for just $198.00. At the time of deep sorrow, the simplest of gestures often have a big impact on the hearts of the bereaved.

  1. Legacy

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They might be gone from the physical world, but their legacy will always be felt to those that remain. Send your deepest sympathies with the legacy bouquet from Flora Moments, available for purchase at just $208.00. The bouquet contains an arrangement of White Matthiolas, Purple Matthiolas, Purple Carnation, and White Dendrobium Orchids.

  1. Solace

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Express your sympathies with the Solace bouquet, available exclusively at Flora Moments. This generous arrangement contains White Lily, White Gladious, White Carnation, Yellow Carnation, and Yellow Chrysanthemum. It contains every main flower frequently used for funerals except for rose, but we’re not complaining since it only has a price tag of $198.00.

  1. Tranquility

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Containing Blue Delphinium, White Super Rose and Blue Super Rose, this bouquet will act as the tranquility of the bereaved in the middle of great sorrow. With an asking price of $268.00, show to the grieving family that you are always there in times of need with this bouquet as a condolence flower.

  1. Peaceful

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Words may not be enough to console those who have just lost someone. However, what words cannot express can be conveyed with flowers. This bouquet contains an arrangement of White Gladiolus, White Easter Lily, White Chrysanthemum Sunlight, Yellow Phoenix, Purple Statice, and Song of India. Send a grieving family this bouquet at just $198.00.

  1. Memories

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At just $128.00, this condolence flower is relatively cheap compared to most items on this list. However, it is certainly not cheap when it comes to the flowers included in the arrangement, featuring three variations of chrysanthemums.

This bouquet contains Yellow marble chrysanthemums, Mini White Chrysanthemums, and Green Spider Chrysanthemums.


In times of grief, it is important that you get the services you deserve. Get your condolence flowers at Flora Moments, the leading florist delivery provider in Singapore. Click here to go to their website or give them a call at 9777 9890.



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