Best Wedding Flowers Bouquet 2023

Are you having trouble with choosing a flower to gift for a wedding you are attending? We are here to help you. Below are some of the things you need to consider when choosing a Wedding Flowers Bouquet. Later in this article, we will also list a few hand-picked bouquets that you can choose from.

Consider your budget before shopping for flowers

Bride and groom holding bouquet flower

Before you start exploring your options, set a budget first to avoid spending more on what you can afford. Wedding flowers differ in prices. Some flowers are more expensive since they are rarer and takes too much time to prepare, while others are cheap since they are readily available no matter the time of the year. Cheap flowers can be gorgeous and carry a great meaning for a wedding, so you shouldn’t worry about going with a cheap flower. As long as you give a flower bouquet that is thought out and beautiful, the newlyweds will surely appreciate it.

How to Choose the Best Wedding Flowers Bouquet Based on Their Meanings

In this section, we will discuss the meanings of every flower most commonly used for weddings.

1. RosesRoses Wedding Bouquet

Roses are regarded as the symbol of romance and love for a very long time, and it was even embedded in a lot of fairy tales and old stories. As such, rose is a staple in most flower arrangements used for weddings. Roses have many colors and styles, and among the different colors, white roses are preferred for weddings. White roses are a symbol of youth, purity, and innocence. Red roses, a popular rose for weddings symbolize love, romance, and elegance.

Light colors like pink, on the other hand, mean gentleness, grace and appreciation, while peach roses mean gratitude and sincerity.

Roses, in addition, have a complicated significance based upon the way in which they are arranged. A single red rose, when gifted on a wedding day is a symbol of total faithfulness and commitment. Meanwhile, a couple of roses entwined with each other is usually viewed as being a floral representation of the wedding. If you are giving roses for a wedding of a friend or family, avoid giving them a bouquet of thirteen roses since it carries the meaning of being given by a secret admirer.

2. Tulips

Red and white tulip and rose wedding bouquetsEven though tulips are generally linked to the Netherlands, the flower is really a local flower hailing from Persia. Tulips mean intensive love as well as joyful years. Due to this meaning, it is a great choice for use at weddings. Tulips are cultivated in a number of colors, such as white, cream, peach, pink, and yellow. It is also available in bright colors like red, purple, magenta, and orange. Tulips are less expensive than other flowers in this list since tulips grow all year round, with a few exceptions.

The versatile tulip can enhance both elegant wedding settings and more casual venues, and work well in almost any detail at a wedding—from bouquets and boutonnieres to table arrangements. Three main types of tulips are typically employed as wedding flowers. They are Dutch tulips, French tulips, and parrot tulips. Dutch tulips are normally found at a local florist. French tulips are more costly and beautiful, featuring extra-long stalks and big tapered petals. Meanwhile, parrot tulips are known for their beautiful, striped blooms with strong colors.

3. Baby’s Breath

Baby’s Breath Wedding Bouquet

Baby’s Breath is a great complimenting flower to any bouquet, and wedding bouquets are no exception. White Baby's Breath is especially gorgeous for wedding bouquets. Having said that, pink and yellow bouquets are also good depending on the main theme of the flowers. Baby's Breath symbolizes purity and fertility. This makes Baby's Breath a perfect gift for couples expecting a child.

4. Calla lily

Calla lily Wedding Bouquet

Calla lily came from Africa, and the flower symbolizes modesty, elegance, and ardor. There are many color variations of calla lilies, which includes orange, light and dark pink, red, yellow, and white. White calla lilies are the most popular color variant at weddings.

There are two types of calla lilies that are normally used for weddings. The first one comes with a big head and a long stem, which is ideal for tall bouquets. The smaller version is good for decorative purposes, or as complementing flowers. Calla lilies are grown all year round, so they are relatively cheap especially during the winter and late spring season, in which calla lilies are at their peak.

5. Hydrangea

Hand holding pink and purple hydrangea

Featuring big, furry head and strong colors, this somewhat expensive flower will be a great fit for a wedding. Hydrangea's most popular colors includes white, pink, and blue. It is also available in green, pink and purple. The flower is only grown from July to November and thus is more expensive on off-season months. The flower symbolizes loyalty, devotion, and boastfulness, which makes Hydrangea a well-meaning gift for wedding ceremonies.

6. Pure

pure wedding bouquet

This bouquet contains an arrangement of White Calla Lily, White Matthiolas, Trachelium, White Gladiolus and Steel grass. Priced at just $208.00, this bouquet consisting of white flowers is an excellent choice for the most important day in a couple’s life. If the theme of the wedding is white, this bouquet will make a great addition to the décor.

7. From This Moment

From This Moment wedding bouquet

With flowers symbolizing fresh start, compassion, and love, this bouquet is a great addition to a wedding ceremony. This bouquet contains an arrangement of Blue Hydrangea, Cream Rose, Lavender Rose, and Pink Rose. Send your congratulations to the newlyweds with the From This Moment bouquet, available at just $198.00. Take note that the vase shown in the picture is not included in the package.

8. Succulent Round Bridal Bouquet

wedding bouquet succulent round

Let the newlyweds know that you are happy for them with this bouquet. Featuring various flowers of light colors, this bouquet is gorgeous enough to be eye-catching but will not take the main spotlight from the bridal arrangement.

Take note that this flower arrangement needs to be ordered one day in advance prior to the delivery schedule you want. Purchase one now from Flora Moments, available at just $198.00.

9. Cherish

cherish wedding bouquet

This bouquet serves to remind the new husband and wife that there may be fights, but they can go through anything life throws at them as long as they continue to cherish each other. Available for purchase at just $198.00, this bouquet contains an arrangement of Cream-Coloured Super Rose, Pink Super Rose, Green Eustoma, Dusty Miller, Trachelium, and Succulents.

10. Watercolour Dreams

watercolor dreams wedding bouquet

No weddings are complete without a bouquet of beautiful wedding flowers, and this bouquet is a perfect addition. At just $188.00, get a bouquet with a great color combination that will surely complement any wedding themes.

This bouquet contains an arrangement of Calla Lilies, Super Roses, and Sea Hollys.

11. Bedazzling

bedazzling wedding bouquet

This bouquet contains an arrangement of 12 Cream-coloured Rose, Baby’s Breath, and Pittosporum. Available at just $118.00, make the bride feel more special on her wedding day. This flower bouquet will serve as a witness to the couples as they tie the knot.

12. Angel

Wedding bouquet Angel

Available at just $128.00, this angelic white and pink bouquet will surely look good with a white gown commonly used at weddings. This bouquet contains an arrangement of White Hydrangea and Pink Baby’s Breath. Perfect for wedding ceremonies, whether on the church or outdoors, you can never go wrong with this bouquet.


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