Deciding the Right Amount for Condolences Money 白金 for Funerals in 2024 - A Guide by FLORAMOMENTS.SG

22 January 2024

In times of grief and loss, offering condolences money 白金 to the bereaved family is not only a thoughtful gesture but also a practical way to provide support during their difficult time. At FLORAMOMENTS.SG, we understand the significance of expressing your condolences, whether through condolences flowers, funeral arrangements, or monetary support. In this guide, we will help you navigate this aspect of expressing your condolences with sensitivity and compassion, all while understanding the role of condolences flowers and funeral arrangements in this process.


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We provide our special service where we provide our condolences flower sender to help provide the condolences money (more prevalent in Chinese culture, 白金).

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Ultimate Guide to Condolences Money in Singapore 2024



- Your Contact: The person you know

- Immediate Family: Dad, Mum, Grandmother, Grandfather, Brothers, and Sisters

- 1st Degree Relatives: Aunt, Uncles, Cousins. 

- 2nd Degree Relatives: Grandparents' generation related: Great Aunts, Great Uncles, Distant Cousins and Far-off relatives

- Known Deceased: You had a relationship with the Deceased Person as an acquaintance, colleague, friend, relatives or immediate family

Your Contact's Immediate Family Member's Passing 

(Most probably you never met or seldom meet the deceased)

Death of Immediate Family...

HDB Void Decks / Open Tentage in Open Fields

Private Funeral Parlour / Memorial Services in Enclosed Spaces

...of Acquaintances' 

$20 - $30

$30 - $50

...of Senior Colleagues'

$20 - $30

$30 - $50

...of Junior Colleagues'

$30 - $50

$70 - $90

...of Friends'

$50 - $70

$170 - $230

...of 2nd degree relatives

$100 - $190

$270 - $350

...of 1st degree relatives

$290 - $390

$430 - $570

...of Business Associates and Partners 

$150 - $500

Really depends on the scale of your business


Really depends on the scale of your business

Your Contact's Passing 

(You know the deceased, and you're paying respects to his/her family)

Death of...

HDB Void Decks / Open Tentage in Open Fields

Private Funeral Parlour / Memorial Services in Enclosed Spaces


$20 - $30

$30 - $50

...Senior Colleagues'

$30 - $50

$50 - $70

...Junior Colleagues'

$50 - $70

$90 - $110


$100 - $150

$270 - $350

...2nd degree relatives

$130 - $210

$300 - $390

...1st degree relatives (aka. Your Aunts, Uncles and Cousins)

$330 - $430

$500 - $590

...Business Associates and Partners 

$150 - $500

Really depends on the scale of your business


Really depends on the scale of your business

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Recommended Amounts for Condolences Money 白金 and the Role of Condolences Flowers

While there is no fixed amount, here are some general guidelines for condolences money in Singapore:


With costs of venue rental high in Singapore, the place where the funeral is held can be a key determining factor in the amount to offer the condolence money for funerals, wake and memorial services in Singapore. 


Funeral Parlours and Memorial Services are often private in nature and do charge a high amount for the services. If the family members mostly stay in condominiums or landed properties in Singapore, this would be the only place that they can hold their funerals, wakes and memorial services. 


HDB void decks and open tentage in open fields are often leased to at a very much more affordable rates and hence lower in costs.


For close family members and relatives, it is customary to offer a more substantial amount, typically ranging from SGD $100 - $500 or even more (could be into the thousands), depending on your relationship and financial capacity. Often condolence flowers such as condolences flower stand such as these are important as a form of key tribute that is befitting of the decreased.


For friends and acquaintances, a contribution between SGD $50 - $100 is often considered appropriate. Sending condolences flowers is a common practice among friends.


For colleagues or associates, an amount between SGD $20 - $100 is generally accepted, and condolences flowers can be a thoughtful gesture from a professional relationship. In Asian cultures, senior colleagues do often have to provide more on these condolences money to junior colleagues on both seniority and financial capability. Often Singapore-based companies' HR will send a flower stand through a funeral flowers online delivery florist to represent the company for its employee's close relative demise.

Understanding the Purpose of Condolences Money 白金 and Condolences Flowers

Condolences money, often refered to as "Bai Jin" (白金)in Chinese, is a traditional practice in many Asian cultures, including Singapore, to offer financial support to the grieving family. This gesture aims to assist the family with funeral expenses, as well as provide comfort and assistance during their period of mourning. However, it should be noted that it is still no mandatory but is mostly expected.


In addition to condolences money, condolences flowers also play a crucial role in expressing sympathy, tributes and support. Familiy enjoy having muliple and beautiful tributes sent across as a testament of the deceased and its immediate families' influence.

Factors to Consider when Determining the Amount for the Condolence Money for a Funeral and the need to provide Condolences Flowers Stand or Bouquets


Relationship with the Deceased: The closeness of your relationship with the deceased and the family is a crucial factor in determining the amount of condolences money 白金. Close family members and relatives typically offer more substantial contributions, while condolences flowers are often sent by friends and acquaintances.


Cultural Norms: Different cultures have varying expectations regarding the amount the amount of condolences money to give. 


- For most non-Muslim Singaporean families, it is the norm to provide condolences money 白金, and the amount is recorded by the family especially for the Chinese, condolences money Chinese. For condolence money christians, most are also accepting. For the Chinese, condolence money is only given after funeral. This means that when you are about to leave you then give the money. Providing condolences flower stands such as these are the practice regardless of religions, often these flower stands can be provided using same-day condolences flower deliver services.


- For Singaporean Muslim family backgrounds, it is alright to provide condolences money for Muslims and it is treated as a donation, and the amount would not be recorded. Please kindly note that for Malay / Muslims families, sending condolences flowers is actually NOT the practice as there is no wake / funeral concept since the deceased has to be buried as soon as possible (within 24-hrs). 


Financial Capacity: Your own financial situation should also be taken into account. It's essential to give a contribution that you are comfortable with and that does not place a strain on your finances. Providing funeral flowers wreath could be a more cost effective yet empathetic way of expressing your grieve.


Local Practices: In some cases, there are specific religious local practices or traditions that dictate the appropriate amount for condolences money. For Chinese families, condolences money are advised to be provided that are odd numbers (1, 3, 5, 7, 9). 


Similarly, condolences flowers such as funeral flowers on stand, condolences flower wreath or funeral flowers bouquet varies from culture to culture. In Singapore, the norm is to provide sympathy flower arrangements in the form of a flower stand, especially for Chinese ethnicity regardless of religions; be it Taoism, Buddhism, Christian or Catholic. 


For Singaporean Indians or other non-Muslim backgrounds, most families have adopted and accepted similar practices. However, most might prefer a simple funeral flower bouquet such as this. It is advised to consult with similar cultural backgrounds friends and family for clarifications.


The money should be placed in a condolence envelope, which can be serviced here at FLORAMOMENTS.SG. The envelope should be labelled with the name of the giver and handed over to family members or placed in a designated box at the funeral reception.


Funeral Expenses: Last but not least, do consider the funeral / wake expenses that the family may incur, such as venue rental, transportaion, catering, and other associated costs. Your contribution should aim to alleviate some of these financial burdens, while condolences flowers provide emotional support.

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