Things to Consider When Buying Grand Opening Flowers

A business opening calls for a grand celebration, especially on the first day of its operation. No grand openings are complete without flowers. Also known as inaugural stand, Grand Opening Flowers are a must-have in any grand opening of a business, regardless if it’s a small local business, a branch of a giant chain, or a kiosk stall.


Florist Ready to Accept Payment

Your budget

To begin with, you have to determine your allowance when shop for a flower stand to deliver to a friend or a loved one's business. It is necessary since the dimensions, level of quality and amount of flowers will vary based on its price tag.

There are numerous selling prices for grand opening flower stands, and you can find a noticeable difference between a cheap and expensive one. As such, it is important to determine the price you are aiming to purchase to avoid overspending. If the business is just a small kiosk, it is not wise or even inappropriate to send a very large and expensive inaugural flower stand.



Flower Bed that are in Seasoned

The time of year of the opening

Given that beautiful flower stands can easily pull people into a store and contribute to the visibility of a shop on its first day, it is important to choose a flower stand that is appropriate for the season. To capture the attention of people, you should aim to get a flower stand that is ideal for the time of year that the shop is opening.

It is not required to get flowers that are only blooming in a certain season, you just have to make sure that the flower stand fits the atmosphere surrounding the store by having a sense of season.

On the other hand, if you desire to select in-season flowers, you can ask the florist you are buying from for help.



Flower in the outside of the newly opened shop

The theme of the shop

When choosing an inaugural flower stand, you should remember that it should blend with the atmosphere of the store to prevent spoiling the atmosphere of the shop.

As an example, if the store features a contemporary ambiance, avoid buying bright or pastel colored inaugural flower stands, since it will go against the atmosphere of the shop. Meanwhile, if the store has a calm environment, a simple flower stand will do wonders.

Although the flowers utilized for the inaugural flower stand may be of high quality, if it ruins the ambiance in the shop, it is still not appropriate. This is important since sending an inappropriate flower stand can leave a bad impression on the owner of the business.



The colors that are appropriate for grand openings

There are a variety of good color choices for grand openings. This is important since you want to send a happy and cheerful message to the owner of the business. You want to express your support and good wishes to their success, and there are specific color choices that will express those sentiments perfectly.


Florist Presenting a yellow flower for grand opening

  • Yellow

    The color yellow symbolizes, happiness, new beginnings, and best wishes, making it perfect as inaugural flower stands. Yellow contributes to a cheerful ambiance, which makes guests happy and feel comfortable. Sunflower, Yellow Rose, Gerbera, Calla Lily, Tulips, and Marigold are some of the best choices you have if you are going for yellow flowers.



Florist presenting pink flower for grand opening

  • Pink

    Flowers with pink hues regardless of being darker or lighter is a token of respect, happy memories, and a jolly celebration.

    Pink Rose, Gerbera, Orchid, and Anthurium are some of the best picks if you want to purchase a pink inaugural flower stand. Just be careful when buying pink flowers that are too bright, since they have the potential to contradict the color scheme of the store.



Florist presenting orange grand opening flower

  • Orange

    The color orange is naturally bright, cheery and warm to the eyes, which makes it a good choice for getting the attention of people to a newly opened business. If you want to express your sincere wishes to the business owner, going with orange-colored flowers is a good choice. Some of the choices you have if you want to gift an orange flower stand are Rose, Marigold, Gerbera, and Daisy.



Go for Gold - for Grand Opening

    • Go for Gold

      For just $168.00, wish for a business’ success with this gold themed grand opening flower stand that will surely be appreciated by the business owner.

      This inaugural flower stand contains an arrangement of Bird of Paradise, Yellow Gerbera, Orange Gerbera, and Pandanus Leaf. It also contains a bundle of 11″ Qualatex – Metallic Gold Latex Balloon and 11″ Qualatex – Yellow Latex Balloon.



Glowing Luck Flower Stand

    • Glowing Luck

      Wish a business and it's owner with this vibrant flower stand, available at just $208.00. This inaugural flower stand contains an arrangement of Yellow Gerberas, Sunflowers, Red Ginger, and Purple Orchids. Before ordering this flower stand, be sure that it is appropriate for the interior of the store since it contains bright yellow and violet colors.


New Beginnings Flower Stand

    • New Beginnings

      Every successful business has come from modest beginnings, and this humble flower stand is a good representation of that. Containing Pink Gladiolus, Pink Gerberas, Red Gerberas, and Yellow Pheonix, this flower stand is quite cheap at just $118.00. It contains flowers that are not so striking or bright, making it a good pick for stores with a calm atmosphere.



Huge Success Flower Stand

    • Huge Success

      This flower stand is really flexible and can complement with the most common color schemes used for business, so it is a good choice if you are unsure of what color to get. Available at just $148.00, this inaugural flower stand contains an arrangement of Pink Lily, Yellow Gerbera, White Pheonix, Baby's Breath, and Pandanus Leaf.


Greatest of Luck Flower Stand

    • Greatest of Luck

      A bright flower stand with striking red, yellow, orange and pink colors, this is a great choice for businesses with a bright and cheery atmosphere. Available at just $168.00, this flower stand contains an arrangement of Red Heliconia, Birds of Paradise, Red Ginger, Yellow Chrysanthemum, Gerberas, and Yellow Phoenix.


Fruition Flower Stand

    • Fruition

      This inaugural stand contains a floral arrangement of Red Heliconia, Sunflower, Red Carnation, Purple Orchids, and Golden Orchids. Additionally, it contains a couple of colorful balloons, with an 18″ Congratulations – Shooting Stars Foil Balloon and an 11″ Qualatex – Metallic Gold Latex Balloon. This can be a little bit costly at $218.00, but we couldn't complain about it considering the generous amount of flowers included, in addition to the great design.


Thriving Business flower stand

    • Thriving Business

      Remind your friend or loved ones that you wish for their success in all of their endeavors with the Thriving Business inaugural flower stand, available at just $248.00. This flower stand is available exclusively at Flora Moments, and it contains an arrangement of Pink Gerberas, Purple Orchids, and Red Heliconias.


Cheering You On Flower Stand

    • Cheering You On

      This $198.00 is perfect if you want to get a yellow dominated inaugural flower. This flower stand contains a floral arrangement of Sunflowers, Red heliconia, Orange Gerbera, and Mini Pom Pom Chrysanthemum. It also contains two balloons, an 18″ Congratulations Foil Balloon and an 11″ Qualatex – Metallic Gold Latex Balloon.


Brightest Glory Flower Stand

    • Brightest Glory

      This flower stand contains an arrangement of Gradient Pink Roses, Sunflowers, Pink Lilies, and Yellow Orchids. A single 18″ Congratulations – Radiant Star balloon is also included in the $228.00 package. If you are looking for the best flower stand that symbolizes the bright future ahead of the business, this is an ideal choice.


Bona Fide Camaraderie Flower Stand


    • Bona Fide Camaraderie

      At just $108.00, this flower stand is the cheapest on this list.

      However, being inexpensive doesn't mean that it is not as impressive as the rest of the inaugural flower stands mentioned here. It contains an arrangement of Yellow Gerbera, Pink Gerbera, Orange Gerbera, and Red Gerbera. If you are looking for a flower stand that will not hurt your wallet, this is a great choice.




If you want a color scheme that will work great with nearly any interior design, we recommend you to get the Huge Success flower stand. Meanwhile, if you want to work around a limited budget, we recommend you to check out Bona Fide Camaraderie.

It has a fairly low price point, while not having a cheap feel to it at the same time. Once you have made out your mind on what to order, be sure to contact Flora Moments at 9777 9890, or use this link.

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