A Guide On Choosing The Best Bouquets As Housewarming Gifts

Flower bouquets are a really good housewarming gift Singapore. However, there are some things that you need to consider when picking up a flower bouquet. Here are some of our tips and things that you want to know when choosing a bouquet, as well as some of our hand-picked recommendations. Without further ado, let’s start:

Why purchase bouquets as Housewarming Gifts

There are many things that are appropriate to get as a housewarming gift Singapore. You can give gift cards, a hamper, new appliances and household items like blankets, pillows, etc. Flowers and flower bouquets are also a good choice, especially if you have not decided on what item to get. Flowers will improve the appearance of any house or room, as long as the colors are appropriate and complementing the design of the house. This brings us to the next item on our list…

Choose light colors if you don’t know the interior design of the house

In general, light colors can fit any interior design. If you are not sure or have no information regarding the colors used when painting the house, flowers with light colors are a safe bet. Light floral colors complement almost every house paints from bright to pale.

Choose scented flowers

Scented flowers are a really great housewarming bouquet since they fill up the otherwise bland smell of a brand-new home. When choosing flowers with a strong scent, be sure that the owner prefers it, which should not be a problem if you have a close relationship with the person receiving the bouquet.

However, in case you don’t know the preferences of the new homeowners when it comes to fragrances, you should settle for flowers with light scents. You should also avoid strongly scented flowers if the new homeowners are really sensitive when it comes to fragrances.

Common flowers used in housewarming bouquets

red roses

  1. Rose

Roses have many meanings, but among its most prominent symbolisms includes friendship, love, and passion. Even though those symbolisms may be a little inappropriate for bouquets intended as a housewarming gift, roses are still beautiful, and will surely complement most room designs and paint jobs. Roses also features a mild fragrance that will not get to the nerves of people who do not like flowers.

Pink orchid on the nightstand

  1. Orchid

If you are searching for an excellent housewarming present, we highly recommend you to shop for a bouquet that contains orchids. These classy blossoms are gentle enough to mix in with just about any interior decor and increases the elegance and style of every room. You can choose from bouquet with orchids as the main flower, or go with flower bouquet with orchids as complementing flowers. With orchids as housewarming gifts, you will surely make an amazing impression on the new homeowners.

Bouquet with green fillers

  1. Bouquet with green fillers

Green fillers are a great addition to any bouquets, and housewarming bouquets are no exception. Green fillers will make the house appear more fresh, healthy and clean. Additionally, they emanate an aura of fresh atmosphere. Greeneries will improve the mood in any room, regardless of its interior décor and overall design.

Perk up

  1. Perk Up

This bouquet is a good housewarming gift for houses of any color or size since its colors are light and can fit any color scheme or interior design. Available for purchase exclusively at Flora Moments for just $128.00, this bouquet contains an arrangement of Champagne Rose, Pink Rose, and Pink Matthiola. 

Bloom Basket

  1. Bloom Basket

Available at just $168.00, this appropriately named bouquet will brighten up any house, making it perfect for housewarming parties. The color scheme is also not too vibrant, which will surely be a good fit in the majority of houses. This bouquet contains an arrangement of Blue Hydrangea, Yam Rose, Champagne Rose, Pink Matthiola, and Eucalyptus Leaf.

Lavender Dreams

  1. Lavender Dreams

The Lavender Dreams bouquet lives up to its name, having predominantly lavender colors with some shades of pink and purple. This bouquet is a good fit for houses with white, orange, and green paint job.

Priced at just $148.00, this bouquet contains an arrangement of Yam Rose, Pink Carnation, and Purple Eustoma.

Thinking of you

  1. Thinking Of You

Available at just $128.00, this bouquet contains an arrangement of Pink and White Roses, bundled together in a pretty medium wooden box. You can even upgrade the box to a large wooden box, but it comes with an added cost of $20. In addition, this bouquet also contains a 14″ Love Foil Balloon as well as a 36″ Love Foil Balloon, making it perfect for housewarming celebrations.

  1. Wild Spirit

This bouquet contains an arrangement of attractive shades of pink blooms at just $168.00, Collared with mint leaves, this bouquet is ideal to be place in bedroom for a lovely start of the day. It is also bundled in an exquisite woven basket, which adds to the bouquet’s overall prettiness.

Tiffany's Blush

  1. Tiffany’s Blush

Tiffany’s Blush will surely make the day of the new homeowners. The Pink Rose in the bouquet is elegantly arranged, with Pittosprum shaped like a heart making this bouquet even more lovely and appealing.

Priced at just $124.00, this bouquet contains an arrangement of Pink Rose, White Wax Flower, and Pittosprum.


  1. HANNA

This bouquet has touches of pink, yellow, and green with the yellow orchids, Champagne Eustoma and Green Trick. That particular color combination makes it appropriate for most paint jobs and interior finishes since it is not that vibrant, but not bland either. Priced at just $168.00, this is a perfect addition to any housewarming events and gatherings.



If you want to get a colorful housewarming gift, the Cherry Day bouquet is an excellent choice. Featuring an arrangement of Sunflower, Champagne Eustoma, and Hypericum Red, this bouquet is available at just $148.00. Sunflower is a symbol of longevity and happiness, which is perfect when for people who have just moved into their new home.



This bouquet contains striking red and bright oranges, which is perfect for homes with a vintage or old school look. At just $128.00, the Elegance bouquet is also bundled in a woven basket, further complementing the classical look of the flowers. 

This bouquet contains an arrangement of Red Roses, Orange Roses, Eustoma Champagne, and Hypericum Red.


If you are aiming to buy a flower that will suit nearly every house design and paint scheme, we recommend the Perk Up and Bloom Basket. Meanwhile, ELEGANCE and CHERRY DAY is perfect for houses with bright color schemes.

Regardless of which bouquet you end up picking as a housewarming gift, be sure to get yours from Flora Moments. Featuring free delivery and a freshness guarantee, Flora Moments will make sure that your housewarming gift will be well received by the person you intended it for. Click here to visit their website for more information or contact them at 9777 9890.

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