Top 10 Anniversary Flowers to Surprise Her

Anniversaries are very important dates for those who are married. It is a time of cherishing and giving gifts to the person that we chose to be with. Giving Anniversary Flowers is practiced for as long as we can remember. Gifting flowers are as timeless as marriage itself, and thus, it remains popular and widespread over the years.


Why choose flowers as a wedding anniversary gift

Why choose flowers as a wedding anniversary gift - Florist

The answer to this is simple: flowers symbolize everlasting dedication and love among couples. This is the norm across many different cultures around the world. Buying flowers for your husband or wife on your wedding anniversary is a traditional yet heartwarming custom. Offering flowers as a gift for your wedding anniversary may be simple compared to other grand gifts, nonetheless, it still provides tremendous pleasure to both parties. The person giving the flower also experience happiness due to making their spouse happy. There is just something absolutely intimate and captivating around giving and receiving flowers. Additionally, flowers provide a distinctive positivity and a pleasant sensation. It may even kick in the mood for intimate moments, as long as you give your spouse the proper flowers for your anniversary. This will be the subject for the next entry, so keep on reading below if you are interested.


What are the suitable flowers to gift for every Anniversary?

In this section, we will discuss the flowers suited for gifting as Anniversary Flowers.


First Anniversary - Carnation

First Anniversary - Carnation - Florist

The very first year of union is normally a time of happiness since it is a period of great passion and uncontrolled love for both of the newlyweds. Although regular presents are paper as well as clocks, quite a few people claim that flowers are still the best gift. Carnation is the official flower symbolizing the first year of marriage because carnation is a symbol of youthful and passionate romance. As such, getting a carnation bouquet is recommended if you are celebrating your first year anniversary.


Second Anniversary - Cosmos

Second Anniversary - Cosmos - Florist

In the second year of marriage, most people are already out of the "honeymoon" stage and is now on the way to understanding each other better. This change is represented by the cosmos flower. It is an elegant flower with distinctive beauty. This flower symbolizes the stronger love that is formed in the second year of marriage. For some people, gifting a set of china is the norm on the second year anniversary. However, if you plan on getting china for your spouse, be sure to throw in a cosmos bouquet.


Third Anniversary - Sunflower

Third Anniversary - Sunflower - Florist

At the conclusion of your third year together, you and your spouse have already experienced numerous failures and success together. Sunflower is the flower symbolizing the third year of marriage, as a symbol of always finding a way out through dark times. Even when experiencing defeats, you and your partner will always be strong and face them together, similar to the stalks of the sunflower that is very sturdy. Colorful, radiating and strong, a sunflower is a distinct indication of trust in a relationship that is already cultivated through many hardships.


Fourth Anniversary - Geranium

Fourth Anniversary - Geranium - Florist

A lot of couples gift each other clothes and silk during the fourth year anniversary. Some are buying appliances for their own house. Regardless of what you are buying, be sure to include geranium flowers which is the official flower symbolizing the fourth year. The geranium flower is very familiar, yet have many varying colors and textures. It represents the familiarity of getting to know your spouse for the last years, while still having great surprises despite years of being together.


Fifth Anniversary - Daisies

Fifth Anniversary - Daisies - Florist

Congratulations to your half-decade of being together! Physical gifts for this milestone should be made of wood, or include silverware. Pair them with a bouquet of daisy, the official flower of five year anniversaries. Daisy is the representation of the fifth anniversary because of the flower’s structure that features petals that expands from the flower’s center. The daisy can seem to be just a simple flower in a quick glance, but there is much more to it when you take a closer look. The center of the daisy represents the bond and experiences shared by you and your partner, with the expanding petals symbolizing all the ways in which you can improve as a couple.


15th Anniversary - Roses

15th Anniversary - Roses - Florist

You might be wondering why rose is so far down the marriage years when rose is the universal symbol for love and romance. The reason for this is because love must grow throughout the years, and if you managed to remain together for 15 years, the love you share together is already on its peak. That’s when rose can truly manifest in its real meaning – genuine, never-ending love.  


  1. I Appreciate You

I Appreciate You - Florist

A classic token of grace and style, pink roses make up for an excellent gift for your anniversary. This flower bouquet contains Pink Super Rose combined with Baby’s Breath and can be purchased at just $58.00. Flora Moments also provides you with a choice regarding the number of stalks you want on your arrangement. You can customize from as few as 9 stalks up to 99 stalks.


  1. Champagne Roses Bouquet

Champagne Roses Bouquet - Florist

This $98.00 bouquet is perfect if your significant other loves the color violet. It features a good combination of violet daisies that blends well with cream-colored Champagne Super Rose. Lastly, the bouquet is complemented with white baby’s breath wrapped in violet paper. Customization is also offered in this bouquet, allowing you to change the number of flowers in the arrangement.


  1. Nurture

Nurture - Florist

Receiving flower bouquet for anniversaries are truly heart-warming, and you can make it even greater by gifting her the Nurture bouquet from Flora Moments. For just $98.00, you can have a combo of Pink Gradient roses and Eustomas wrapped in elegant packaging complete with a ribbon. It is also possible to customize the number of flowers to your liking.


  1. Golden Hour

Golden Hour - Florist

Red roses are really classic flowers to gift for anniversaries. They are made even better combined with baby’s breath encased in a gold wrap. The gold motif signifies the golden years that you and your spouse have spent and will spend together. Available for just $88.00, this bouquet is surely an excellent gift for your next anniversary.


  1. Pretty Great

Pretty Great - Florist

Perfect for first anniversaries, this spectacular bouquet contains red carnations bundled with Pink Gerbera, Eucalyptus Leaf, and White Eustoma wrapped in elegant packaging. This is a little bit more expensive compared to other entries on this article, with a $128.00 price tag. However, the happiness it will provide to your spouse on your first anniversary is worth the price.


  1. My Dear

My Dear - Florist

Available for just $88.00, this bouquet includes Champagne Super Rose paired with white and pink super rose. The three roses are surrounded by Baby’s Breath bundled in a pink wrapper. The roses featured in this bundle is the equivalent to saying "I love you", which will surely be appreciated in your anniversary celebration.


  1. Full Of Praise

Full Of Praise - Florist

The main motif of this bouquet is the violet Eustomas that is paired with peach super roses which is a good combination of colors. Available for $98.00, this bouquet comes with a free generic card greeting. An additional $2.00 payment is required if you want to change your card to an anniversary card.


  1. Heart You!

HEART YOU! - Florist

If you want a bouquet of flowers that will surely be appreciated by your significant other, this $138.00 bouquet containing 15 Pink Roses and red carnation is the best purchase for you. This bouquet is perfect for 15-year anniversaries since it contains 15 roses, and rose is the official flower symbolizing 15-year anniversaries.


  1. Paddlepop Cone


If your spouse loves bright colors, they will surely appreciate receiving a bouquet of Paddlepop Cone from you. For just $178.00, you will have a bouquet of 12 colorful Rainbow Kenya Roses surrounded by Baby's Breath. Perfect for anniversary surprises, especially if you want to try giving something a bouquet that is both distinctive and memorable.


  1. Always Yours

Always Yours - Florist

Although labeled as a Mother’s Day bouquet, who said that you can’t give it to your spouse as an anniversary gift? This bouquet contains cream super roses and baby’s breath bundled in a blue and pink wrapper. At just $118.00, this bouquet is a steal and will surely complement your other anniversary gifts.



Are you looking for an anniversary flower for your next celebration of marriage? Be sure to get your bouquet from Flora Moments, the leading florist delivery in Singapore. No matter the year of anniversary you are celebrating, they surely have a bouquet available for you. Click here to visit their website for your orders.

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