It Takes 2.5 Years of Saving to Pay For a $14,000 Wedding

If you and your partner earn a combined monthly salary of $4,000 and save 20% of it to afford a $14,000 wedding, it would take at least 17 months to do this, according to an analysis by ValueChampion. The total amount is based on whether subsidies from red packets can cover 60% of the wedding banquet. Since almost half of a couple’s budget goes to a wedding banquet, you need to find ways on how to save money on other expenses like flower arrangements or flower delivery. Singapore flower delivery fees will depend on your preferred style, type of flowers and desired volume among other factors. Those who plan a more elaborate wedding will spend more, which will then prolong the number of months required to save for their big day.  

Flora Moments Wedding Budget Vs. Length of Time

Wedding Budget Vs. Length of Time

Let’s say you intend to spend $53,000 on your wedding and your combined monthly salary is $4,000. Based on the 20% allotment, you will have to keep saving money for 5.52 years! Take note that the average salary is $3,500 for Singaporeans. Still, it would take 3.15 years to save 20% of your combined monthly wages for your dream wedding.  

Flora Moments The Biggest Expense

The Biggest Expense

The low-end price estimate of booking 15 tables costs $17,000 or $1,110 per table, while the high-end price estimate costs $39,000 for 30 tables or $1,300 each. If you can collect $28,000 from red packets, your wedding expenses can still reach more than $50,000. You also should reserve some extra cash for booking wedding venues, particularly function rooms at hotels. The price of wedding banquets has risen constantly in the last eight years. The trend may continue so you may have a budget shortfall by the time you finally saved enough money, as hotels probably have increased the price of booking venues for wedding receptions.  

Flora Moments A Wedding Without Flowers

A Wedding Without Flowers?

Some of the miscellaneous expenses for weddings include flowers, which remain an important part of every wedding. You should expect to pay a higher price for fresh flowers, especially if you need same-day flower delivery in Singapore. Some venues take care of floral arrangements for clients, but a professionally designed wedding banquet will require the expertise of a florist. You might be thinking if you need to see one in person but times have changed. You can just visit an online florist. Flora Moments’ catalog features a wide range of floral products. There are for-rent pieces as well such as a wedding flower arch, which is perfect if you want a bit of environment-friendliness in your wedding.  

Flora Moments How Much Should You Spend on a Florist_

How Much Should You Spend on a Florist?

Different couples have different tastes, so let’s break down the costs of a florist based on the four most common products and services (i.e. bridal bouquet, groom’s boutonnieres, wedding arches and table centerpieces). A bridal flower bouquet is obviously a staple accessory, which costs an average of $150 to $300 depending on the type. You should ask your wedding florist if the groom’s boutonnieres are included from your purchases. Otherwise, it would cost an extra $18 to $35 on average as well. Flower arches start from $350 for simple ones, while intricately designed pieces cost up to $1,800. The average price for table centerpieces ranges from $80 to $200.  

Flora Moments How Much Does Flower Delivery Cost

How Much Does Flower Delivery Cost?

Local delivery fees can cost from $7 to $15. Like any other online store, you can save on fees for deliveries by ordering a certain amount. You can also visit our physical store in Tanjong Pagar to inquire about special rates for bulk orders of flower designs and gifts. Our customer service team will be happy to assist you. If you need special designs on the same day, flower delivery may be more expensive because it will require more effort to create the arrangements on a short notice. In case you need flowers to be delivered on a weekend, it may be less affordable because more people hold a wedding reception between Friday and Sunday.  

Flora Moments Factors Affecting Retail Prices

Factors Affecting Retail Prices

You may have browsed online and added several items to your cart, but you decided to postpone a purchase. Several weeks later, you notice an increase in prices by the time you are committed to an online store. Why does it happen? Demand and supply mostly explain the change in retail prices for flowers and deliveries. The availability of flowers also contributes to the total cost. Are you looking for peonies for your December wedding? You may have a hard time to look for a florist who can provide them. Even if you do, it will cost more because this type of flowers usually starts to bloom from April to June. Peonies are also a popular choice for wedding flowers, so you can expect a higher demand especially during their season. Since peonies are difficult to raise, a higher demand and limited supply mean that prices will be higher than the usual rates. You should even start talking to a florist in Singapore as early as now to make sure that you have enough supply at least a month before for your wedding. If you’d rather focus on other details, some of the perennial choices for wedding flowers include baby’s breath, carnations, daisies and certain species of roses. These variants are available throughout the year and are easier to grow, so their prices are much more affordable.


Don’t expect weddings to become cheaper in the near future, as the prices have gone up in the last eight years. However, this doesn’t mean that you should skimp on certain expenses such as flower bouquets and flower arrangements. Flower delivery fees can be negotiable under certain circumstances. Contact us today to find out more about services.

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