5 Money-Saving Tips When Buying Wedding Flowers

Which type of wedding flowers last longer than most species? Is it cheaper to pay for floral arrangements than doing them by yourself? These are some of the questions that you need to answer when choosing the best type of florals for your big day. Couples who are mindful of their wallets should choose perennial varieties. Some of the available options include baby’s breath, gerberas and orchids. These are cheaper than bridal bouquets and table centerpieces made of red roses or peonies.


Here are five tips for stretching your budget when buying flower designs for your dream wedding:

Flora Moments uncommon flowers

Choose Uncommon Flowers

When you choose a less popular type like baby’s breath, you don’t have to worry about seasonal changes in prices. The cost of perennial flower varieties stays the same throughout the year, partly because of their availability at any time. For instance, you can save almost 50% when you buy a bridal bouquet made of baby’s breath from our website compared to a bouquet of roses. Aside from baby’s breath, choose other varieties like statice and waxflowers to add texture and volume to bouquets and centerpieces. These types do a good job of retaining colors and shapes. Add hypericum berries for a rosy effect, which means you don’t have to spend on actual roses to get the same appearance. Use leaves like ruscus to achieve a thicker and more lush-looking design. The available supply is another reason to choose uncommon flowers. Peonies only bloom from April to June, so this type won’t be an option if you’re planning a December or Chinese New Year wedding. Demand for popular varieties when there is not enough supply also affects prices. You’re likely to pay a higher price in that case.


Pick Longer-Lasting Varieties

Roses only last for up to five days. You can cut the stems at the right angle and replace the water every day to make them last longer, although it may not be for several weeks, unlike other species. Gerberas and sunflowers won’t wither for up to 14 days with proper care and maintenance. Orchids last much longer for up to three weeks. Take note of these varieties if you want to avoid spending money on flowers that will go to waste after the occasion. You can also decide to repurpose your bridesmaids’ posies by using them as table centerpieces. However, consult a florist to know if this is possible. Some varieties may easily crumple or wither with the slightest touch, so repurposing them can ruin a neatly designed table.  

Flora Moments Be Aware of Colors and Species by Season  

Be Aware of Colors and Species by Season

Once you know which types last longer and cost cheaper, you can schedule your wedding accordingly. It also pays to know the corresponding season for more popular varieties, just in case someone offers to foot the bill as a wedding gift. If you’re planning to get married on a certain day from January to June, some of the best blooms include anemone, bells of Ireland, casa blanca and daffodils. The available colors for anemone include blue, red, pink and white. There are usually green bells of Ireland during the first half of every year, while white casa blancas and yellow daffodils are in season during the same period. Those who plan to tie the knot in February should look out for the availability of roses. While these are in bloom throughout the year, the love month makes it more expensive to buy roses, especially on Valentine’s Day. If you choose baby’s breath, your color choice will be limited to white. Carnations can be a good alternative as these come in different shades. On the other hand, other in-season varieties for the second half of every year include star gazer lilies and delphiniums. Some species like tulips bloom from December to April. You can choose from different colors such as white, red, pink and purple.  We are a florist dedicated to bringing you fresh blooms and balloons

 Work With the Best Florist

Work With the Best Florist

A real florist must be skilled enough to determine a client’s preference for their wedding once they see a general picture of the motif. They shouldn’t miss details such as flowers that can cause allergies, certain varieties that need special care for delivery or what works best for a certain weather. In terms of services, choose a florist that guarantees the timeliness of deliveries. You don’t want to walk the aisle without your bouquet because of a late delivery! At Flora Moments, we do our best to meet our 100% on-time delivery guarantee. Our 100% freshness guarantee also assures that our blooms reach the destination in perfect shape. If you’ll need balloons for the reception, our staff will inflate them within one hour before the scheduled delivery.

Flora Moments Pick Longer-Lasting Varieties

Do It Yourself

DIY arrangements are always a good way to save money. When you choose to design flowers by yourself, it adds a personalized touch to the occasion. The only disadvantage of creating your own arrangements is the final look. You may not like what you see if you’re not really used to floral arrangements. Another drawback of a DIY arrangement is the extra time and effort necessary to do the work. Wedding plans are always stressful, so you should delegate floral arrangements to an expert. You can’t put a price on knowing that you can devote more time to more important things, such as your bridal dress and makeup!



As the cost of weddings in Singapore continues to increase, it’s important to be aware of several ways to limit expenses. At Flora Moments, we understand the need to save money for your future. Our service guarantee includes packaged consumables that have expiration dates of no less than three months. Call or email us today to find out how you can stretch your budget from flower delivery to floral arrangements.

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